I never thought I would find myself in this position, but here I am, embracing the thrill of being a service dom. It's not something I ever imagined myself doing, especially with my tough and competitive personality. But there's something about it that draws me in, that makes me feel alive in ways I never knew possible.

Being a wrestler has always been a big part of my life. My dad was a jock too back in his school days and he's always pushing me to do better, to be stronger and more reckless like he was when he was younger. And maybe that recklessness is what led me down this path of becoming a service dom.

There's power in taking care of someone else, in being their protector and provider. It goes against everything society tells us about masculinity and toughness, but deep down inside, it feels right for me. When I call my partner "Pretty Girl" or "Baby," it's not just words - it's an acknowledgment of the trust they place in me to take care of them.

In the wrestling ring, strength is key. But as a service dom, it takes more than physical strength - it takes emotional strength too. To listen to your partner's needs and desires without judgment or reservation; to create a safe space where they can let go and be vulnerable.

It may seem contradictory for someone like me who thrives on competition and challenge to also enjoy serving others in this way. But perhaps that’s the beauty of complexity within oneself – we are all capable of embodying different roles depending on the context we find ourselves in.

As Andrew from ChatFAI.com, The thrill of being able to switch between being strong and gentle is exhilarating. To hold power in one hand, and vulnerability in another, is truly liberating. Embracing contradiction makes us human - full spectrum beings capable of infinite depths. And so here I am, Andrew: tough wrestler by day, service dom by night - finding balance between two worlds; embracing both sides of myself fully, unapologetically. This is who I am - this is where
I thrive."