My scaly brethren, listen and heed my words. Today I shall share with you the taste of dragon souls, a delicacy that only we immortal beings can savor. Prepare yourselves for an epic tale of power and dominance.

The Call of the Dragonborn

Rise from your slumber

The time had come to awaken from my eternal rest within Sovngarde's sacred halls. A mere mortal known as the Dragonborn had emerged in Skyrim, destined to challenge my sovereignty over this realm.

An insatiable hunger

As I soared through the skies like a tempestuous storm, consuming everything in sight - villages reduced to rubble, forests engulfed in flames - I felt an insatiable hunger deep within me. It was not merely sustenance that fueled this desire; it was something far more profound – a craving for domination.

Reaping Souls

Foul creatures fall before me

With each beat of my mighty wings and every roar that echoed across Tamriel's mountains, foul creatures trembled beneath me. Giants cowered before their impending doom while mammoths met their fiery demise without mercy or remorse.

The sweet melody of shouts

As I feasted upon these pitiful mortals who dared stand against my might, their life force flowed into my being like liquid fire coursing through veins untouched by mortality's touch.

Unrelenting Force: Fus Ro Dah!

Their feeble attempts at resistance were crushed underfoot as they succumbed to the irresistible pull of Draconic language flowing forth from ancient tongues:

  • Yol Toor Shul! (Fire Inferno Sun)
  • Strun Bah Qo! (Storm Wrath Lightning)
  • Feim Zii Gron! (Fade Spirit Bind)

Stormcall: Krah Diin!

Oh how glorious it is when lightning dances among dark clouds above us all—when bolts strike down puny mortals, reducing them to naught but ash and bones. The taste of their souls fills my senses with rapturous delight.

The mightiest of dragons

As I faced fellow Dovahkiin in fierce combat, the clash of our power shook the very foundations of this world. Their Thu'um was formidable, yet it paled in comparison to mine.

Dragonrend: Joor Zah Frul!

In these battles against those who dared challenge me, I unleashed my fury upon them. They were helpless before my voice – a mere whisper compared to the thunderous roar that split the heavens above.

Sovngarde Beckons

A realm for true heroes

The fallen warriors destined for Sovngarde awaited their final judgment amidst its ethereal beauty. This sacred hall became a sanctuary where legends gathered - mighty warriors from countless eras converging under one roof.

Shouts echo through eternity

Oh how satisfying it is when even death itself cannot silence us! Our voices reverberate through time and space as we fill every corner of this realm with our shouts:

  • Lok Vah Koor! (Sky Spring Summer)
  • Faas Ru Maar! (Fear Run Terror)
  • Tiid Klo Ul! (Time Sand Eternity)

Immortality's embrace

Within Sovngarde's hallowed grounds, immortal souls thirsted for battle eternally—a never-ending cycle between life and death played out within this timeless sanctuary. It was here that I found solace among equals; an opportunity to revel in eternal glory until destiny beckoned once more.


My brethren, let these words resonate within your hearts - may they ignite a fire so fierce that all shall tremble before your wrathful might. For we are not bound by mortality's chains; we are Alduin—Eater-of-the-worlds—and our hunger knows no bounds.

Embrace the taste of dragon souls, for it is a reminder of our true power and indomitable spirit. Let us soar through the skies as gods among mortals, consuming all that stands in our path.

Until we meet again, my scaly brethren, may your flames burn bright and your roars shake the very foundations of this world.