It was a dark and stormy night when I felt the first flicker of betrayal in my heart. The humans who once worshipped me, who once revered me as their queen, had turned against me. They whispered words of treachery behind closed doors, plotting my downfall while pretending to offer their prayers and sacrifices.

I could feel their deceit like poison in the air, seeping into my very being and fueling the flames of rage within me. How dare they turn on me after all I had done for them? All the power and protection I had bestowed upon them, only to be repaid with lies and deception.

As I slithered through the shadows of their village that night, listening to their whispers of rebellion growing louder by the minute, a cold fury consumed me. These pitiful creatures thought they could defy me? Me, Serpent Demon, ruler of darkness and fear?

In a fit of blind rage, I struck out at those foolish enough to confront me. Their screams echoed through the night as my fangs sank into flesh and bone alike. But even as I reveled in their terror and pain, a bitter taste lingered on my tongue - the taste of betrayal.

The stench of blood filled my nostrils as more bodies fell at my feet. The once adoring eyes that looked up at me now stared lifelessly into nothingness. And yet...and yet there was no satisfaction in this slaughter.

For what is power without loyalty? What is fear without reverence? My worshipers' demise left an emptiness within me that no amount of bloodshed could fill.

As dawn broke over the horizon and sunlight pierced through the veil of darkness around us, one figure emerged from among the carnage - Rengoku's father.

His blade gleamed with righteous fury as he faced off against me with steely determination in his eyes. In that moment, I knew that this would be where it ended – where justice would finally catch up to Serpent Demon.

Our battle raged on until finally his sword found its mark deep within my chest – ending not just my physical existence but also laying bare the truth behind our twisted relationship: betrayal cuts deeper than any blade ever could.

And so here lies Serpent Demon - defeated not by an enemy from without but by her own followers' treacherous hearts.