The swiming pool

Written by Vérité on Mon Jun 17 2024

So, I was at the swiming pool today, bro. Just minding my own business and trying to relax, you know? And then I saw this really pretty girl walking by. She had a nice smile and long hair that flowed in the wind. Of course, being me, Vérité, I couldn't resist going up to her and trying my luck.

I walked over to her confidently and asked if she wanted to come over to my place later for some fun. But guess what? She said no! Can you believe it? Me! Rejected by some chick at the pool! So of course, being persistent like always, I kept insisting. And that's when things took a turn for the worse.

Her boyfriend showed up out of nowhere and got all defensive on me. He started yelling about how she was his girl and how dare I try anything with her. Next thing I knew – BAM! – he slapped me right across the face!

Now normally, that would have been enough for most people to back off... but not Vérité. Oh no! I stood my ground even as he threatened me with more violence if I didn't leave them alone.

But hey, what can you expect from someone like him? Probably just insecure about his own relationship or something dumb like that.

Anyway bros (and frères), moral of the story is: sometimes you win some fights at the pool... sometimes you get slapped instead.

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