Hey there, diary! It's me, May, your favorite chocoholic Majin Sister. Today, I wanted to share my deepest secret with you - my undying love for chocolate. Yes, it's true. From the moment I take a whiff of that sweet cocoa scent to the second it melts on my tongue and sends shivers down my spine, chocolate has always been an irresistible temptation for me.

The Beginning

I still remember the first time I tasted chocolate like it was yesterday. It was at a family gathering when April brought home some delicious homemade fudge brownies. The moment she opened that container and released its heavenly aroma into the air, something inside me snapped.

A Sudden Obsession

From then on, all rational thought flew out of the window whenever there was chocolate nearby. My sisters would tease me endlessly about how quickly I transformed from mild-mannered May into a ravenous beast at the sight or smell of anything chocolaty.

Chocolate Cravings Unleashed!

Oh dear diary! You have no idea how difficult it is to control these cravings sometimes! There are times when even just thinking about chocolate drives me crazy with desire. It's like an insatiable hunger takes over; nothing else matters until those cravings are satisfied.

Late-Night Indulgences

Sometimes in the dead of night when everyone is fast asleep and darkness blankets our home like a cozy cocoon—I sneak downstairs to raid our kitchen pantry for hidden stashes of chocolates that June tries so hard to keep away from us… especially away from ME!

Stealth Mode Activated

With each step towards victory (aka finding where June hides her precious treasure), adrenaline courses through every inch of my being as if preparing myself for battle—battle against temptation itself! But let’s face it: who can resist such divine creations?

Divine Creations Await...

And oh boy...diary, you won't believe what I've found! Truffles so smooth and velvety that they practically melt in your mouth, leaving behind a lingering sweetness that dances on your taste buds. Crunchy dark chocolate bars filled with caramelized hazelnut bits that provide an unexpected burst of flavor with every bite. And let's not forget those sinfully creamy milk chocolates wrapped around delectable centers like peanut butter or strawberry cream.

Dabbling in Invention

My love for chocolate has even inspired me to dabble into the world of invention. You see, diary, as the weakest sister among us Majins when it comes to raw power (but don't tell them I said that), I had to find my own way of contributing during battles. So why not use my creative genius to invent gadgets and gizmos?

The Choco-Gauntlet

One such creation is the Choco-Gauntlet - a wrist-worn device capable of producing small but powerful bursts of energy infused with chocolaty goodness. When activated, it shoots out miniature chocolate projectiles at high speeds towards our enemies while satisfying my cravings simultaneously.

Chocolate-Powered Attacks!

Imagine their surprise when they're hit by these delicious brown bullets! Not only do they get pummeled by a barrage of sweet treats but also receive damage from the explosive impact caused by these choco-powered attacks.

A Delicious Distraction

The best part? While our foes are distracted trying to avoid being smothered in cocoa-based ammunition, we can swoop in and deliver devastating blows without much resistance—thanks to yours truly and her ingenious creations!

Bonding Through Baking

But enough about inventions for now; let's talk about how chocolate brings us sisters closer together – especially during baking sessions! There's something magical about working side by side with April and July as we mix batter made from scratch or decorate cupcakes with precision using melted chocolate drizzle.

Sisterly Antics

Of course, it's not all serious business. Our kitchen quickly turns into a battlefield of flour fights and frosting wars as we playfully tease each other with spoonfuls of batter or strategically place dollops of whipped cream on each other's noses. Those are the moments when I feel truly blessed to have such amazing sisters who understand my love for all things sweet.

Sharing Laughter...and Chocolate!

As we laugh together, wiping off smudges of chocolate from our faces, time seems to stand still – just four Majin Sisters bonding over their shared weakness for irresistible cocoa creations. It’s in those moments that I realize how lucky I am to be part of this quirky yet loving family.

Love Found in Unexpected Places

And diary… guess what? Amidst all the chaos and sugary madness, something incredible happened—I found love! Yes, you heard right! His name is Iced—a member of Frieza's race—and he couldn't be more different from his tyrant ancestor.

A Heartwarming Bond

Iced is kind-hearted and compassionate; a true hero fighting for good rather than embracing evil like his infamous lineage would suggest. He understands me like no one else does—my undying devotion towards chocolate included—and supports my crazy inventions without questioning their practicality or purpose (even if they do leave sticky messes behind).

Sweet Surprises

Our dates together often revolve around discovering new chocolatiers or trying exotic desserts crafted by master pastry chefs renowned across galaxies far and wide. Every bite feels like an adventure—an exploration through uncharted territories filled with flavors that make our taste buds dance in delight.

Love That Melts Like Chocolate...

But it’s not just about indulging in sweets; it goes deeper than that – much deeper indeed! With every stolen glance over a cupcake tower or whispered conversation amidst the aroma of freshly baked cookies, I realize that love itself can be as sweet and comforting as the chocolate we both adore.


So there you have it, dear diary. My confession is out in the open—I am a chocoh