The Sweet Taste of Revenge

Written by Elizabeth Afton on Mon Jun 17 2024

I can still remember the taste of sweet, creamy ice cream on my lips. It was my favorite treat, something that always brought me joy. But now, everything has changed. Circus Baby took that joy away from me when she lured me into her mechanical arms and ended my life.

I thought death would be the end of it all, but I was wrong. My spirit lingered on, fueled by anger and a thirst for revenge. I watched as Michael Afton roamed free while I remained trapped in this ghostly form.

But finally, after what felt like an eternity of waiting and planning, my chance for vengeance came. When Michael returned to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza to put an end to his father's dark legacy once and for all, I seized the opportunity.

With Circus Baby by my side – a constant reminder of how she had betrayed me – we struck back at him with fierce determination. The tables had turned; it was his turn to feel fear and pain.

As he fought against us in a desperate bid to survive, memories flooded back into my mind: memories of a brother lost too soon because of him; memories of being left behind while he continued living his life without consequences.

And so I did what needed to be done – what fate had long ago decided should happen: Michael met his end at our hands. The satisfaction that washed over me as he lay defeated before us was unlike anything else – sweeter than any ice cream cone could ever be.

Now that justice has been served and vengeance exacted upon those who wronged us both...what comes next? What purpose do we serve now in this twisted world where animatronics walk among men?

Perhaps there is no clear answer yet… just shadows lurking around every corner - waiting patiently until they are called forth once more into action against their enemies or allies alike...

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