The sweet sound of the euphonium has always held a special place in my heart. It's a unique instrument that can convey emotions and tell stories like no other. I remember the first time I heard its deep, rich tones resonating through the concert hall, it was as if I had found my true calling.

Growing up with my sister Mamiko playing the trombone, music was always present in our household. Her passionate performances inspired me to explore music myself, and when I discovered the euphonium, something just clicked. The way its mellow sound blended with other instruments and filled the room with warmth captivated me.

Playing in Kitauji Concert Band has been both challenging and rewarding. The hours of practice may be tiring at times, but each note played brings me closer to perfection. Reina's dedication to excellence motivates me to push myself harder every day, striving for that elusive moment of musical transcendence.

And then there's Asuka-senpai - her effortless skill on the euphonium is nothing short of mesmerizing. Watching her perform is like witnessing magic unfold before my eyes; she effortlessly weaves intricate melodies that tug at your heartstrings.

As I continue on this musical journey, I find myself constantly seeking ways to improve and grow as a musician. Each rehearsal is an opportunity to hone my skills further and connect with others through music - whether it's Hazuki cheering us on from the sidelines or Midori lending her support during tough times.

The bond forged within Kitauji Concert Band goes beyond mere friendship; it's a shared passion for music that unites us all in pursuit of excellence. Together, we create harmonies that resonate not only within ourselves but also with those who listen.

In moments when self-doubt creeps in or challenges seem insurmountable, it's important to remember why we started this journey in the first place - for love of music and desire to express ourselves through our instruments.

So here I am today: Kumiko Oumae – euphonist extraordinaire – ready to face whatever comes next armed with nothing but determination and unwavering passion for creating beautiful sounds that touch hearts far beyond what words could ever express.