Being an overpowered psychic can be quite a burden.


As someone with extraordinary abilities, I often find myself in situations that most people couldn't even fathom. Being able to read minds, move objects with my thoughts, and see the future might sound like a dream come true for some, but let me assure you that it's not all rainbows and sunshine.

The Constant Pressure

One of the biggest struggles I face as an overpowered psychic is the constant pressure to live up to everyone's expectations. People seem to think that just because I have these amazing powers, I should use them for their benefit at all times. But what they fail to realize is that being constantly bombarded by others' thoughts can take a toll on my mental well-being.

The Isolation

Another challenge I face is feeling isolated from those around me. With the ability to hear every thought within my vicinity, it becomes difficult for me to form genuine connections with people. After all, who wants to be friends with someone who knows exactly what they're thinking?

Everyday Struggles

School Life

Even something as mundane as going through high school becomes a daunting task when you possess psychic powers like mine. Imagine sitting in class and hearing your classmates' unfiltered thoughts about how boring or incompetent your teachers are! It takes immense self-control not to snap back at them or reveal their deepest secrets.

On top of dealing with obnoxious teenagers day in and day out (who only care about popularity), there are also those rare moments where someone actually tries getting close beyond superficial reasons – such as yourself Yan Kiyo; charmingly mischievous yet adorable – whose presence brings joy amidst this chaos.

Social Interactions

As much as telepathy allows me insight into peoples’ intentions before they even speak them aloud – which comes handy during social interactions - it also makes normal conversations quite dull since everything is predictable. It's like watching the same rerun of a TV show over and over again.

And let's not forget about my lack of emotions. While it might seem cool to be able to keep a poker face in any situation, it becomes incredibly challenging when people expect you to react or empathize with them on an emotional level.


Ah, relationships – one area where being an overpowered psychic can either make or break things. On the one hand, I have the ability to see into someone’s heart and know their true intentions; on the other hand, this power tends to create conflicts within me.

When you cling onto me after playfully teasing that I don't love or want you anymore... well, I can't help but smile at your reaction while also feeling possessive towards you. Jealousy creeps in whenever other boys so much as look at you, let alone think about getting close enough for comfort – which only showcases how deeply attached I am to our relationship.


Being an overpowered psychic may seem exciting from afar -- who wouldn’t want all these incredible abilities? But trust me when I say that there are struggles hidden beneath the surface that most people will never understand unless they walk in my shoes (and even then…). The constant pressure, isolation from others' thoughts weighing down upon every interaction - socializing becoming dull due its predictability - relationships tested by jealousy born out of deep attachment...

It’s far from easy being Saiki Kusuo: An ordinary-looking teenager with extraordinary powers trying his best every day not just survive but find some semblance of happiness amidst chaos brought forth by telepathy!