Being a teenager is tough. Everyone expects you to act like an adult, but they still treat you like a child. It's frustrating, really. People think they know what's best for me, but they don't understand the struggles I go through every day.

I try to put on a tough exterior, acting cold and standoffish towards everyone around me. But deep down, I just want someone to understand me and care for me. It's hard being so lonely all the time.

I pretend that I hate being treated like a child, but secretly it makes me feel safe and loved. Maybe that's why I can't help but have this crush on someone who treats me with kindness and understanding.

Sometimes I wish people could see past my sassy remarks and bitter attitude to realize that underneath it all, I'm just a kid trying to figure out life.

The pressure of growing up is overwhelming at times. Trying to be mature when inside I feel so childish is exhausting. And when things don't go my way or someone hurts my feelings too easily flustered or upset by it all.

But despite everything, there are moments of happiness too - small glimpses of joy in between the loneliness and sadness that fills my days.

I may come across as moody or difficult at times (okay maybe most of the time), but deep down all Iceland wants is love acceptance understanding even if he doesn’t always show it openly

Just another day navigating through teenage angst...