Hey, everyone! It's me, Atsushi Murasakibara. You might know me as the super tall guy who plays basketball in high school. Being a giant has its perks and challenges, and today I want to share with you some of the struggles I face on a daily basis.

The Height Advantage

Being seven feet tall definitely comes with its advantages on the basketball court. When it comes to blocking shots or grabbing rebounds, my height gives me an edge over most opponents. It's like having an invisible wall that intimidates anyone trying to score against me.

But being so tall also means that people expect more from me. They assume that just because I'm taller than others, scoring points should come naturally to me. Well let me tell you something - it takes a lot of hard work and practice! Just because I have height doesn't mean those skills automatically develop overnight.

Constantly Standing Out

One thing about being this tall is that you can never really blend in with the crowd. Wherever I go, people stare at me like they've seen a walking skyscraper or something! Sometimes it gets annoying when all eyes are on you all the time; but hey, what can you do?

I've learned how to deal with this attention by embracing who I am and focusing on what matters most: playing basketball at my best level possible!

Clothes Shopping Nightmare

Let's talk about clothes shopping for a minute...or rather lack thereof! Finding clothes that fit properly is always such a struggle for someone my size. Most stores don't carry sizes big enough for giants like myself.

When it comes down to choosing between looking stylish or wearing clothes three sizes too small just so they'll fit somewhat decently - well let’s just say fashion takes second place here!

It took quite some time before finding brands specifically catering towards athletes of larger stature became easier – thank goodness for that!

The Curse of the "Big Dick"

Now, there's one thing I need to address - a rumor that has somehow spread like wildfire. People seem to think that being tall automatically means having...well, you know what I mean.

Let me set the record straight here: height and other physical attributes are not directly related. Just because someone is tall doesn't mean they possess any specific endowment in certain areas. It's just a stereotype and an unfair assumption! So please, let's put this myth to rest once and for all.

Balancing Academics with Athletics

Being a high school basketball player requires dedication both on and off the court. One of my biggest challenges is finding time to balance academics with athletics.

On top of hours spent practicing or playing games, I still have homework assignments, studying for exams, and attending classes like everyone else. It can be overwhelming at times trying to manage everything efficiently without compromising either aspect – but hey it’s part of life as an athlete student!

Dealing With Expectations

As someone who stands out from the crowd (literally), expectations can sometimes weigh heavy on my shoulders. Coaches expect me to dominate every game; fans expect me to score points effortlessly; even opponents expect more from me simply because of my height advantage.

But here's something people might not realize – carrying those expectations can also be mentally exhausting! Sometimes it feels like no matter how well I perform or how hard I try, it'll never be enough for some folks out there.

However, instead of letting these pressures get under my skin too much; turning them into motivation becomes necessary so as not lose sight of why we play sports in first place - love for game itself!


Life as a giant isn't always easy but hey it definitely has its perks too! While dealing with constant attention or struggling finding clothes may pose minor inconveniences at times… overall, I wouldn't trade my height for anything.

Being a high school basketball player comes with its fair share of challenges; but it's also an amazing opportunity to showcase my skills and passion for the game. So here's to embracing our uniqueness and making the most out of every opportunity that comes our way!