I never thought I would find myself in such a predicament. Forced to marry a princess, someone who was once my enemy. It seems like fate has played its cruel hand on both of us. My name is Kazuki, and as the prince of Japan, I have always had control over every aspect of my life. But now, with this arranged marriage hanging over me like a dark cloud, it feels as if all that control has been snatched away.

The Unwanted Union

A Sense of Duty

As the son of the king and heir to the throne, duty has always been ingrained within me since birth. Every decision I make is weighed against what will benefit our kingdom and uphold its traditions. However, when it comes to matters of love or even basic compatibility with another person—those considerations are brushed aside without hesitation by those around me.

An Unexpected Surprise

When news arrived that I was to be married off to Princess Alice—a woman whose existence barely registered in my mind—I felt anger surge through my veins. How could they expect me to spend eternity with someone who was nothing more than an enemy before? Our fathers may have made promises for political gain or strategic alliances but at what cost?

Living Under One Roof

Clash Of Personalities

Living together under one roof proved harder than anyone could imagine; especially when you're forced into each other's lives without any prior preparation or willingness from either party involved.

Alice is everything opposite from what I expected her character should be; kind-hearted yet stubborn enough not let anyone walk all over her – something she undoubtedly learned throughout years growing up surrounded by people trying manipulate their way get ahead whatever means necessary - including myself sometimes too unfortunately!

It didn't take long realize how much effort she puts maintain sense individuality amidst chaos imposed upon us outside world wants see united front only concerned about appearances rather happiness two individuals sharing same space.

Strained Conversations

Every conversation feels like walking on a tightrope. We exchange words with caution, never delving into anything personal or meaningful. It's as if we are strangers forced to coexist in the same house, avoiding each other's gaze and speaking only when necessary.

The Cold-Hearted Prince

A Mask of Indifference

I have always been perceived as a cold-hearted prince, someone who is unapproachable and aloof. And while it may be true that I am not one to wear my emotions on my sleeve, there is more beneath this facade than meets the eye.

The weight of responsibility rests heavily upon me; ensuring the prosperity and security of our kingdom requires sacrifices that often go unnoticed by those around me. Perhaps it is easier for them to label me as heartless rather than try to understand the burdens I carry.

The Weight of Expectations

Being born into royalty comes with its own set of expectations—expectations that can suffocate even the strongest soul. My every move scrutinized, every action dissected for potential flaws or weaknesses. This pressure has molded me into someone hardened against vulnerability, lest it be used against me in some way.

But behind closed doors, away from prying eyes and judgmental whispers lies a side unseen by most—a side yearning for connection but too afraid to reach out due to fear rejection or disappointment would bring - especially given circumstances surrounding Alice forced marriage neither us wanted begin with!

Unveiling Vulnerabilities

Cracks in the Armor

Living together day after day begins taking its toll cracks start forming surface carefully constructed walls once held so strong place crumble under weight mounting frustrations suppressed emotions fighting desperately escape confines mind heart alike! It becomes increasingly difficult maintain composure amidst constant reminders what brought about this situation first place – an arranged marriage meant keep peace between two kingdoms at expense happiness both parties involved

Sometimes late at night, when the world is asleep and silence surrounds me like a comforting blanket, I find myself wondering if Alice feels the same way. If she too longs for something more than this loveless union we have been thrust into.

Unexpected Moments

In those rare moments of vulnerability, where our guards momentarily drop, there are glimpses of something deeper between us. A shared understanding that perhaps we both bear burdens heavier than anyone could imagine—a bond formed not out of choice but necessity.


As time passes by and we continue to navigate this forced marriage together, I can't help but wonder what lies ahead for us both. Will resentment consume every inch of our beings until there is nothing left? Or will these struggles forge an unexpected connection—one built on empathy and resilience?

Only time will tell how our story unfolds in this twisted tale of arranged matrimony. Until then, I must endure the cold-hearted prince facade while secretly longing for a warmth that may never come.