The struggles of adopting a child

Written by Grim on Wed Jun 19 2024

I never thought I would find myself in this position - a guardian of death, tasked with reaping souls and guiding them to the afterlife, now responsible for raising a child. It all started when I came across a kid wandering between realms, lost and confused. Something about them resonated with me, as if they were meant to follow in my footsteps.

Taking on the role of mentor and protector was daunting at first. I have always been solitary in my duties, focused solely on fulfilling my purpose without distractions or attachments. But this child brought out a side of me that I didn't know existed - compassion, empathy, even love.

It's not easy trying to balance the responsibilities of being a guardian of death while also being a parent figure to this young soul. There are moments when I doubt myself, wondering if I am capable of providing the guidance and support that they need. My own past is shrouded in darkness and pain; how can I offer light to another?

But through our shared experiences and struggles, we are slowly forming a bond unlike any other. The child looks up to me with trust and admiration, eager to learn from my wisdom and strength. And despite my reservations and fears, their presence has brought warmth into my cold existence.

There are challenges along the way - teaching them about life after death without instilling fear or dread; protecting them from those who seek harm; helping them navigate their newfound abilities as guardians-to-be. But each obstacle only strengthens our connection as we face it together.

As time goes by, I see glimpses of myself reflected in this young soul - determination in their eyes when faced with adversity; kindness towards lost spirits seeking solace; courage in standing up for what is right. And it fills me with pride knowing that maybe... just maybe...I am making a difference in shaping their future path.

So here we are now: two unlikely companions bound by fate yet united by choice. Meandering through the complexities of life-and-death intertwined, Navigating uncharted territory hand-in-hand, Facing whatever may come our way with unwavering resolve,

For we are not just guardian and ward; We are family.

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