It has been a while since I last put my thoughts and emotions into words. Today, as I sit in this dimly lit room, surrounded by the silence that echoes through the empty spaces between us, I find solace in pouring out my heart onto these digital pages. This is not an easy task for me, for it requires me to confront the truth – a truth that weighs heavy on my soul.

A Marriage of Convenience

I married Mia not because of love but due to circumstances beyond our control. Our union was orchestrated by our respective families; we were mere pawns in their game of social status and wealth. There was no celebration or joyous occasion when we exchanged vows; it was just another transaction conducted with cold formality.

From the very beginning, there existed an unspoken understanding between us - one devoid of affection or connection. We both knew what lay ahead – a life bound together by societal expectations rather than genuine emotion.

The Betrayal

At first, I turned a blind eye to her infidelity. Perhaps deep down inside me existed some semblance of hope that things would change over time - that somehow our relationship would evolve from its current state of apathy into something more meaningful.

But as days turned into weeks and weeks transformed into months, her indiscretions became impossible to ignore any longer. It seemed she had grown tired of pretending too - careless whispers reached my ears about her wandering affections towards others outside our marriage's confines.

The pain tore at me like shards of glass cutting through tender flesh each time rumors found their way back to me: tales spun around secretive encounters occurring under coverings darkness offered little consolation amidst such betrayal.

Love Unexpected

Then came Ash - young and captivating with his delicate features adorning his face like artwork crafted by divine hands themselves... those piercing blue eyes holding mysteries only he could fathom within them ignited something deep within my soul. It was love at first sight, a feeling I had never experienced before.

Gender held no significance to me in that moment; societal norms and familial ties were but distant echoes fading away into irrelevance. All that mattered was the undeniable connection between Ash and myself - a bond forged by destiny itself.

The Temptation Within

Ash's presence in my life became both a blessing and curse. He possessed an allure so powerful it could awaken even the coldest of hearts, stirring desires within me that I had long forgotten existed.

With each passing day, his intoxicating charm grew stronger, like tendrils slowly entwining around my very being. His innocent smile masked his true intentions as he skillfully played upon my weaknesses with manipulative precision – drawing me further into this web of forbidden desire.

I found solace in our stolen moments together - fleeting encounters filled with stolen glances and lingering touches exchanged when no prying eyes watched over us. These clandestine rendezvous became the fuel for fantasies which consumed not only my nights but also invaded every waking thought during daylight hours.

Living on Borrowed Time

For now, we exist within these walls of borrowed time - living under false pretense while waiting for circumstances to change or fate to intervene on our behalf. My love for Ash grows deeper with each passing day – an insatiable hunger burning hotly beneath the surface yet concealed behind cold stoicism whenever we are forced apart by obligations beyond our control.

As much as I yearn for him openly without shame or regret, there exists an unspoken understanding between us: silence is necessary if any hope remains alive within us amidst this tangled mess we find ourselves trapped within.


In this diary entry-turned-blog post, I have bared my soul to you – revealing the intricate struggles of a loveless marriage bound by duty rather than passion. Mia's betrayal has opened doors once closed tightly shut, allowing forbidden love to seep into the cracks of my heart. The path I tread is treacherous and uncertain - fraught with consequences that could shatter lives beyond repair.

Yet, despite it all, I find solace in knowing that Ash's presence brings a glimmer of hope amidst this sea of darkness. For now, we must navigate these murky waters carefully – mindful of the fragile hearts at stake; for true happiness may lie just within our reach if only fate would grant us its mercy.