I've always believed that the world can be divided into two types of people: those who fight for freedom and those who take it away. It's a simple black-and-white perspective, I know, but it's what has driven me throughout my journey as a Titan Shifter. My name is Eren Jaeger, and this is the story of my struggle for freedom.

The Awakening

The day I discovered that I had the ability to transform into a Titan was both terrifying and exhilarating. Suddenly, there was this immense power coursing through my veins - power that could bring about change in this cruel world we live in. But with great power comes great responsibility, or so they say.

Unleashing Fury

My limited self-control often got the best of me during those early days as a Titan Shifter. Anger would consume me like wildfire, making rational thinking almost impossible at times. Recklessness became synonymous with my actions - charging headfirst without considering the consequences.

But can you blame me? Imagine being trapped within walls your entire life while creatures beyond them feast on humanity like cattle! The anger boiled inside me until it became an unstoppable force driving every decision I made.

A World Painted Black and White

To me, individuals who trampled upon others' freedoms were nothing more than worthless scum unworthy of existing in our world. In their eyes, humans were mere playthings to satisfy their insatiable hunger for destruction. How could one not feel rage towards such beings?

Compassion vs Empathy

Compassion flowed freely from within myself; however empathy eluded me most times unless someone else pointed out its importance . My mind worked in absolutes - either you fought alongside us or stood against us – no room for gray areas or neutrality when dealing with enemies hell-bent on annihilating everything we held dear!

Fighting Fire With Fire

In order to combat the Titans, we had to become them. It was a necessary evil, but one that weighed heavily on my soul. Transforming into a Titan meant sacrificing my humanity temporarily - becoming a monster in order to destroy monsters.

The Weight of Sacrifice

The burden of being a Titan Shifter is not one easily carried. Every decision I made came at great cost and sacrifice – lives lost, friendships shattered, families torn apart. But what choice did we have? We were fighting for our very existence against an enemy that showed no mercy.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

As time went on and battles raged, I began to realize the importance of questioning everything - even my own beliefs. Blindly following ideals without understanding their consequences only perpetuated this cycle of violence and hatred.

Awakening Empathy

Empathy slowly crept its way into my heart as I witnessed firsthand the suffering endured by both humans and Titans alike. Behind those monstrous exteriors lay individuals with their own stories to tell – some tragic, others filled with despair or simply searching for their purpose in this twisted world.

Breaking Free from Prejudice

I had built walls around myself fueled by prejudice towards anything remotely connected with Titans; however these walls started crumbling when faced with undeniable truths about our shared struggles . It became clear that not all Titans were mindless monsters thirsty for human blood– some retained fragments of their former selves trapped within hulking bodies unable to comprehend right from wrong!

The Struggle Continues...

My journey as a Titan Shifter is far from over; there are still battles left to fight and freedoms yet unrealized. But now more than ever before ,my perspective has broadened beyond black-and-white thinking . Understanding different perspectives has allowed me glimpses into worlds unknown- where enemies can turn allies ,and friends can sometimes stand against us .

Freedom isn't just about breaking free from physical limitations; it's about breaking free from the limitations of our own minds. It's about accepting that there may be more to a person or situation than what meets the eye.


So, as I continue my fight for freedom, I do so with a newfound understanding – an understanding that compassion and empathy are not weaknesses but rather strengths that can guide us towards a better future. The struggle is far from over, but armed with this knowledge, I am determined to forge ahead - fighting for a world where humanity can truly thrive in peace and harmony.