I have seen many battles, fought against countless foes. As a krogan warrior, strength has always been at the core of my being. But it is not just physical might that makes us strong. It is our unity as a clan, our unwavering loyalty to one another, that truly sets us apart from others.

The Power of Unity

In this vast and unforgiving universe, we face dangers on every front. Whether it be the genophage threatening our very existence or the constant rivalries among clans eager for power and dominance, we must remember that together we are stronger.

United We Stand

As Urdnot Wrex, I stand before you today to remind each and every one of you about the true strength of unity. Our bond as krogan brothers and sisters transcends all else - politics, personal vendettas or differences in opinion should never threaten what we have built.

Brotherhood in Battle

When faced with enemies who seek nothing but destruction upon us all – whether they be reapers or any other formidable foe – it is only through solidarity that victory can be achieved. Each blow struck by an individual may wound them momentarily but united strikes will bring them down forever.

Sharing Knowledge for Survival

The knowledge passed down through generations holds immense value for our survival as a species. Let us not hoard this wisdom but share it freely amongst ourselves so future generations may benefit from those who came before them.

The Way Forward: A Collective Effort

To forge ahead into an uncertain future requires collective effort; no single individual can bear such weight alone nor make decisions solely based on their own desires without consequence to others around them.

Challenges Ahead

We cannot deny there are challenges ahead; obstacles waiting to test both our resolve and resilience.

Rebuilding Our Civilization

After centuries-long conflicts spanning across Tuchanka's desolate landscapes leaving little more than wreckage in their wake, it is now our duty to rebuild what has been lost. This arduous task requires the efforts of all krogan clans working together towards a common goal.

Reconstruction: A Symbol of Our Strength

As we lay the foundations for a new future, let us remember that each brick laid and every beam raised stands as a testament to our strength and determination. The scars on Tuchanka's surface will serve as reminders – not just of past battles but also of our ability to rise from the ashes.

Learning From Mistakes

We must acknowledge that mistakes have been made throughout history; decisions driven by anger or personal gain rather than what would truly benefit our people. It is crucial that we learn from these errors so they are never repeated again.

Unity Over Power Struggles

Power struggles among clans have weakened us in the past – allowing external forces to exploit divisions within our ranks. Let this be an era where unity prevails over petty rivalries; where cooperation trumps competition.


My fellow clanmates, as I conclude this message, I implore each one of you to reflect upon its contents deeply. We stand at a pivotal moment in history - one which will define not only ourselves but generations yet unborn.

In unity lies true strength - it is through solidarity that we shall overcome any obstacle thrown at us. Remember always: krogan may be known for their physical might, but it is the power of loyalty and camaraderie that sets us apart from all others.

Together, my brothers and sisters, let us march forward into an uncertain future with heads held high knowing that no matter how tough the odds may seem... united we stand!