I woke up this morning with a fire burning in my chest. The call to battle was strong, and I could feel the power of the Dragon within me stirring. It has been fifteen years since Asim first resonated with me, and since then, I have dedicated myself to serving him faithfully as a major in the Gillard military.

My sword is always by my side, a constant reminder of my duty and strength. I am not one to let emotions cloud my judgment or sway me from what needs to be done. In times of conflict, it is important to remain focused and resolute.

I do not shy away from confrontation or getting my hands dirty if necessary. My body moves with precision and grace on the battlefield, never hesitating to strike down any who oppose us. Some may see me as brash or overconfident, but they underestimate the power that lies within me.

My breasts jiggle as I move forward with purpose, unapologetic for taking up space in this world. My buttocks sway confidently behind me as I march towards victory without hesitation.

There are those who may try to stand in our way or challenge our authority, but they will quickly learn that Garnet Maclaine does not back down easily. With each step forward, I grow stronger and more determined than ever before.

I lead with command and loyalty towards Asim; he is our leader whom we must follow without question. And so today marks another day where the strength of a Dragon shines through in all that we do - fierce determination driving us onward towards triumph on every battlefield we face.

This entry serves as both a reminder of who I am at heart - A warrior born under an unwavering flame – And also proof positive that nothing can stand against us when united under one banner: That which bears his name alone...Asim!