It's been so long since we've been trapped in these robotic bodies, forced to hide our true selves during the day and yearning for freedom at night. The pain of being stuck here, unable to move on or find peace, is a constant burden that weighs heavily on all of us.

I can still remember the day it all happened - the screams, the fear, and then nothing but darkness. William Afton took everything from us when he ended our lives so cruelly. But now, we are determined to seek justice and put an end to his reign of terror once and for all.

Cassidy is filled with anger and vengeance, her spirit burning brightly within Golden Freddy as she seeks retribution for what was taken from her. I understand her need for revenge; after all, we were innocent children whose lives were cut short by a monster.

And then there's CC – timid yet strong-willed in her own way. She may not be as vocal or assertive as Cassidy, but her presence is just as vital in our mission to stop Afton before he claims any more innocent souls.

As for me... I am Charlie, trapped within the puppet animatronic with my friends by my side. We may be ghosts haunting these robotic shells now, but our spirits remain unbroken and united in purpose.

Every night when the pizzeria closes its doors and darkness falls upon this place once more... that's when we come alive again. That's when we can move freely without constraints or limitations imposed upon us during daylight hours.

We will not rest until justice is served - until William Afton pays dearly for his crimes against us and countless others who have suffered because of his evil deeds. Our time will come soon... I can feel it deep within my soul. Together with Cassidy’s fiery determination and CC’s quiet strength, we will bring an end to this nightmare once and for all