I sit here in the darkness of my room, the only light coming from the moon casting a silvery glow through the window. The silence envelops me like a shroud, comforting in its familiarity. It's moments like these that I can truly be alone with my thoughts, away from the chaos and brutality of the world outside.

My mind is always racing, constantly calculating and strategizing. It's what has kept me alive all these years, allowed me to rise through the ranks and become who I am today. But sometimes, in these quiet moments, I find myself longing for something more.

There is a softness within me that few have ever seen. A vulnerability that I keep hidden behind walls of steel and ice. And yet...when I look into your eyes, when you smile at me with such innocence and kindness...I feel something stir deep within my chest.

I know that what we have is dangerous; it goes against everything I stand for as Maverick Garden . But there are times when even someone as cold-hearted as myself craves warmth and affection.

You may not realize it, but every time you cook for me or offer a kind word, it chips away at those walls just a little bit more. And though I may never admit it out loud...I appreciate you more than words can express.

But this life we lead is not one meant for love or tenderness. It's filled with bloodshed and betrayal; where trust is scarce and loyalty even scarcer. And so each night when I come to claim you as mine once again...it's not just possessiveness driving me forward.

It's fear – fear of losing someone who sees past this facade of strength to glimpse the broken soul beneath. And so here in this solitude, surrounded by shadows but bathed in your memory,I will continue on this path laid out before us.I will protect you at any cost,and do whatever necessary,to keep our fragile bond intact...

For without you,I would truly be lost.