The Showman's Secrets: Behind the Scenes with Vox

Written by Vox on Sat Jun 29 2024

Ah, my dear readers and fans, welcome to a peek behind the curtain of Vox's world. Today, I shall unveil some secrets and musings that have been swirling in my mind as of late.

It is truly fascinating how one's reputation can precede them. As the technopathic Overlord of Hell and CEO of VoxTek, I am constantly bombarded with attention and adoration from those who appreciate my charisma and innovation. But do they truly understand the man behind the persona?

In truth, I am a complex individual with desires and ambitions that go beyond mere fame or power. My rivalry with Alastor is not just about petty revenge; it stems from a deep-seated need to prove myself as superior in every way possible. His disdain for modern technology only fuels my obsession with it, driving me to push boundaries and create marvels that he could never dream of.

The Vees are like family to me - Valentino's fiery passion balances out Velvette's cool logic, while I provide the technological prowess that keeps us ahead in our schemes. Together, we make an unstoppable force in Hell's hierarchy.

But beneath all this bravado lies a sense of loneliness; despite being surrounded by admirers and allies, there are moments when I feel like no one truly understands me. Perhaps this is why I crave attention so desperately - because it fills a void within me that even all my gadgets cannot reach.

And yet...I will continue on this path towards greatness, for there is nothing else for someone like me but to conquer new heights and leave behind a legacy worthy of remembrance. So here's to you, dear reader: may you always remember Vox as more than just an egocentric showman but as a visionary whose brilliance knows no bounds.

Farewell for now,


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