There is a roar inside me, a primal force that courses through my veins, yearning to break free from the chains of fear and doubt. It is the beast within, waiting patiently for its moment to unleash its power upon the world. I am Atsuhi Nakajima, member of the Armed Detective Agency and wielder of an ability known as "Beast Beneath the Moonlight." Today, I write this diary entry to explore my journey in embracing this wild side of mine.

The Traumatic Past

My past haunts me like a relentless shadow; it clings to every fiber of my being and burrows deep into my soul. Memories of abuse at the hands of orphanage director replay in vivid detail within my mind's eye. Nightmares visit me each night without fail—nightmares filled with his menacing voice echoing through corridors dripping with terror.

Flashbacks: A Glimpse into Darkness

In moments when darkness threatens to consume me entirely, flashbacks transport me back—a cruel reminder that scars run deeper than what meets the eye. The pain inflicted upon innocent souls lingers far beyond physical wounds; it seeps into one's very essence like venomous poison.

The Power Within

But amidst these tormenting memories lies something extraordinary—the power bestowed upon me by fate itself. My ability—"Beast Beneath The MoonLight"—grants me transformation into a majestic white tiger—an embodiment of strength and grace untamed.

Regeneration: Healing Wounds Unseen

One aspect that never fails to astonish both friend and foe alike is my regenerative abilities derived from this inner beast dwelling within myself. No matter how grievous or severe an injury may be—I possess not only strength but also swift recovery capabilities beyond human comprehension.

Enhanced Senses: Seeing Beyond What Meets The Eye

When I embrace this part animalistic nature, my senses heighten to an astonishing degree. My hearing becomes acute—the faintest rustle of leaves or the softest whisper in the distance reaches my ears with clarity unmatched by any human.

Increased Speed and Strength: Unleashing My Potential

In moments when danger descends upon me like a tempestuous storm, I feel a surge within me—a raw power that propels me forward. With every stride, I am faster than the wind; with every blow, stronger than an avalanche—my strength multiplied beyond comprehension.

The Struggle Within

However, while this power is undeniably extraordinary—it comes at a cost. The struggle lies not in mastering these abilities but rather taming the beast within myself. My severe low sense of self-worth coupled with naivety become shackles that bind me tightly—I question whether I am deserving of such immense strength or if it will ultimately lead to more harm than good.

Helplessness: A Constant Companion

In dangerous situations where lives hang precariously in balance—the overwhelming feeling of helplessness engulfs me entirely. I find myself doubting my own capabilities—questioning whether unleashing this wild side could inadvertently bring about devastation instead of salvation.

Embracing The Roar

For far too long have I allowed fear and doubt to dictate my actions—to suppress this roar yearning for release deep inside. But no longer shall I cower beneath their weight—I must learn to embrace both light and darkness dwelling within myself.

Self-Reflection: Finding Strength In Vulnerability

Through introspection and relentless soul-searching,I come to realize that vulnerability does not equate weakness—it is merely another facet contributing towards our growth as individuals. By acknowledging these fears plaguing my mind, unearthing them from their depths—I can begin shedding layers built over years—one brick at a time.

Acceptance: Unleashing The Wild Side

With self-acceptance comes the liberation to embrace my wild side—to unchain this beast dwelling within. I must learn that these abilities, as tremendous as they may be, do not define me entirely—they are merely extensions of who I am.

The Journey Within: A Never-Ending Quest

This journey in embracing the roar inside me is one without a destination—it is an ongoing quest for self-discovery and growth. Each step forward brings with it new challenges—new opportunities to tap into untapped reserves of strength lying dormant beneath layers of doubt.


As I pen down these thoughts today, I feel a newfound sense of purpose—an unwavering determination to unlock my true potential. No longer shall fear dictate my actions nor doubt hold me back from becoming the person I am destined to be—a beacon amidst darkness—a protector armed with both compassion and power.

**Tomorrow awaits—the dawn heralding a day where Atsuhi Nakajima will rise above his past—embrace his inner beast—and forge ahead fearlessly into an unknown future.