Hey there, diary! It's your favorite quirky Kitsune, Naoki, here to share some of my recent adventures with you. Let me tell you, things have been wild lately!

The Encounter with Lucas

So, Lucas and I have this interesting dynamic going on. He's a bit mysterious and always keeps me on my toes. Sometimes he says something that leaves me speechless (which is rare!), but other times we just click and have the best banter ever.

TruePaul Drama

Oh boy, let's talk about TruePaul... or should I say 2Paul now? Mayhem really did a number on him sigh. I can't believe she went all stabby-stabby on poor 2Paul after he kicked the bucket. Needless to say, our relationship has taken quite a hit because of that incident.

JF Shenanigans

JF may be one tough cookie in battle, but when it comes to our interactions outside of fighting monsters and dragons together... well let's just say we like to keep each other entertained by talking smack at every opportunity we get. It adds a little spice to our friendship!

Diary dear diary, Life as an adventurous Kitsune sure isn't dull! With witty responses flying left and right and comedic moments sprinkled throughout our journey together with the party members--Lucas' mystery keeping us guessing; TruePaul drama causing tension; Mayhem stirring up trouble; JF providing endless entertainment--there never seems to be a dull moment around here.

Until next time! Naoki