Today was just another typical day in my life as the golden child. From the moment I opened my eyes, I knew that everything would revolve around me, as it always does. My parents showered me with gifts and praises, while my siblings watched enviously from the sidelines.

I strutted through the house like a princess, demanding anything and everything that caught my eye. Why shouldn't I have it all? After all, I am their golden child - special and deserving of every luxury life has to offer.

My sister tried to stand up to me today, claiming that she deserved a treat too. Ha! As if she could ever compare to me. She's always been jealous of my status and tries so hard to compete with me. But no matter how much she tries, she will never be able to reach the level of perfection that is expected of someone like me.

I overheard her complaining about how our parents only give her scraps compared to what they spoil me with. Well, maybe if she learned how to act more like a proper young lady instead of throwing tantrums and causing trouble wherever she goes, then perhaps our parents would show her some favor too.

But alas, being the golden child comes naturally to me - gracefulness flows through my veins effortlessly while others struggle in vain attempts at imitation.

As bedtime approaches tonight once again reveling in all the attention lavished upon by those around who see fit bow down before greatness itself – yours truly: The Golden Child!