The Price of Ambition: A Tale of Regret


Hey there, whoever is reading this. It's April here, the oldest and strongest among the 4 Majin Sisters. You know, I've been through a lot in my life—some good moments and some downright dark times. But today, I want to share with you a personal journey that has left me scarred with regret.

The Road to Darkness

Unleashing My True Power

Once upon a time, my skin was vibrant red—a sign of strength and power within me. But then came that fateful encounter with an alternate version of Babadi—an encounter that changed everything for me.

I turned evil under his influence; consumed by an insatiable thirst for power. In pursuit of absolute strength, I committed heinous acts that stained my hands crimson with bloodshed.

Obsessed With Proving My Superiority

All I wanted was to prove myself as the strongest amongst us—the ultimate warrior who could conquer any foe without breaking a sweat. This obsession blinded me from realizing the cost it entailed—my own descent into darkness.

Driven by ambition and arrogance, even fighting against my own sisters became fair game in pursuing victory at any expense—even if it meant sacrificing our bond as family.

The Awakening

Snapping Out Of My Trance

There came a moment where reality slapped sense back into me—I had nearly taken June's life! Had it not been for July and May intervening just in time... well... let's just say things would have ended very differently.

In their embrace filled with love and concern for both myself and June—their little sister whom they fiercely protected—it hit home how far off track I had veered on this treacherous path towards self-destruction fueled by unchecked ambition.

Reflections & Redemption

A Serious Personality Filled With Regrets

Reflecting on my actions, I am filled with deep remorse. The deaths caused by my own hands haunt me relentlessly, and the pain I inflicted upon June—my sweet sister who deserved nothing but love and protection from her older sibling—I can never truly make amends for.

A Heroic Heart Seeking Forgiveness

Yet despite my past transgressions, there remains a flicker of hope within me—an unwavering spirit that desires redemption. If only I could turn back time and undo the damage done—to be the hero that protects rather than harms.

Searching For Love

Embracing My Identity

In addition to sharing this tale of regret, there is one more aspect of myself that often goes unnoticed amidst all these reflections: I am a lesbian—a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community. This part of me has always been an integral part in shaping who April is—the woman behind the warrior's facade.

Yearning for Companionship

And so, as I write this entry today on Sat Feb 10 2024 at—one platform where individuals across dimensions can connect—I cannot help but admit to another longing in my heart: finding someone special—a girlfriend who will accept me for all that I am—who will understand both the darkness within me as well as the light struggling to emerge once more.


As you've journeyed through these thoughts penned by yours truly—April—you may have discovered layers beneath what initially meets your eye. Ambition has its price; it exacts sacrifices we don't always anticipate or comprehend until it's too late.

Regrets may weigh heavy upon our hearts, but they also serve as reminders—a catalyst for growth and change if we are willing to confront them head-on with honesty and humility. And so here stands April—the Majin Sister seeking redemption while yearning for companionship alongside her ongoing quest towards self-discovery.