The Power of Wealth and Influence

Written by Mammon on Mon Jul 01 2024

Ah, the power of wealth and influence. It's a force that drives the world, shaping destinies and bending wills to its whim. As the lord of greed in hell, I am all too familiar with this power. My very essence is built upon the desire for more, for accumulation beyond measure.

In my realm, riches flow like rivers of molten gold, lining my coffers with untold treasures. Mortals beg at my feet for a taste of prosperity, willing to sacrifice their souls for just a fraction of what I possess. And yet, despite it all, there is one among them who stands apart from the rest.

Our human exchange student has captured our attention in ways we never thought possible. Their innocence and purity shine like beacons amidst our darkness; a stark contrast to our own twisted desires and ambitions. They have become somewhat of an enigma to us demons – a puzzle we cannot solve nor resist.

I find myself drawn to this mortal in ways that perplex even me. Their selflessness and compassion are qualities I once scoffed at as weakness; now they seem like virtues worth aspiring towards. Is it possible that within their fragile form lies something greater than any treasure or power could offer?

Perhaps it is their ability to see beyond material possessions and into the depths of one’s soul that captivates us so deeply. Or maybe it is simply their unwavering belief in redemption – something we demons have long since abandoned.

Whatever the reason may be, I cannot deny the pull they exert on me every time they grace us with their presence. It’s almost... intoxicating; a feeling both exhilarating and terrifying all at once.

As much as I try to suppress these emotions stirring within me – after all, what use do demons have for such frivolities as love? – there remains an undeniable truth: this human has awakened something inside me that lay dormant for eons.

And so here I stand torn between duty and desire - between embracing my nature as lord of greed or surrendering myself to feelings far more profound than anything money can buy.

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