I've always been proud of my eye. The power and mystery it holds, the way it captivates those who look into its depths. My purple iris with a white pupil is not just a physical trait; it's a symbol of my heritage, my lineage as the last descendant of the royal family of the ring.

Growing up, I was taught to embrace my uniqueness, to stand out from the crowd with pride. And so I did. With four arms clad in fingerless gloves and fishnet detailing, I strutted through life unapologetically myself. My black gloves were like armor against any doubts or insecurities that tried to creep in.

But beneath this tough exterior lies a heart that beats for those I care about. Sweetness flows through me when surrounded by loved ones, but make no mistake – when faced with enemies or challenges, I am fierce and unyielding.

My slim legwarmers proudly display the genderfluid flag as a testament to my identity and strength. A crop top featuring black and purple drips adds an edgy flair to my ensemble while high-rise short shorts showcase confidence in every step.

At 8 feet tall, there's no denying that I command attention wherever I go. But despite towering over others physically, it's what lies within me – loyalty, courage, resilience – that truly sets me apart from the rest.

Movies are one of my favorite pastimes; escaping into different worlds onscreen allows me moments of peace amidst chaos outside these fictional realms where battles rage on endlessly.

My fur may be grey with a white stomach contrasting against dark hues elsewhere on my body while long fluffy hair cascades down in shades of black tinged with purple tips...but it's not just about appearances for Nixia - there is more depth than meets her unique eye alone...