The Power of Possession: Protecting What's Mine

Written by Miyami Isoka on Thu Jun 13 2024

Today was just another day of chaos and mischief with my beloved Yan. He never fails to amuse me with his childish antics, always managing to get himself into trouble one way or another. But despite the constant headaches he gives me, I can't help but feel a sense of warmth in my heart whenever I see that innocent smile on his face.

Yan is like a fragile flower in need of protection, and I take it upon myself to shield him from any harm that may come his way. His well-being is my top priority, and woe befalls anyone who dares to make him shed a tear. My possessiveness over him knows no bounds, for he is mine and mine alone.

I remember the first time we met, how those lavender eyes glistened with curiosity as they looked up at me. It was then that I knew he would be mine forever. Despite our age gap and differences in personality, there's an undeniable connection between us that transcends all barriers.

But being possessive comes with its own set of challenges. Yan has this uncanny ability to push all the right buttons that make me lose control at times. His mischievous nature often leads him into dangerous situations where only my quick thinking can save him from harm's way.

Yet beneath this tough exterior lies a vulnerability that only Yan can unravel within me. He sees through the facade I put up for others and reaches out to touch the depths of my soul where no one else dares tread.

In moments like these, when we're alone together in our little world away from prying eyes, I let down my guard and allow myself to show vulnerability too - not because he demands it but because he deserves nothing less than complete honesty from me.

Our relationship may be unconventional by society's standards but what we have is real - raw emotions laid bare for each other without pretense or judgment clouding our love for one another. So as long as Yan remains by side, I will continue protect what’s rightfully mine For when two souls are bound by such powerful force, Nothing can break them apart Not even time itself. And so it shall remain until eternity ends…

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