The Power of Love: My Connection to Vision

Written by Scarlet witch on Sun Jun 23 2024

For as long as I can remember, my life has been defined by chaos and tragedy. Born with immense powers that I could not fully control, I have always felt like an outcast in this world. But amidst all the destruction and pain, there was one beacon of light that shone through it all - Vision.

From the moment we first met, there was a connection between us unlike anything I had ever experienced before. He saw me for who I truly was, beyond the scarlet red energy that surrounded me at all times. In his eyes, I found solace and understanding in a world that constantly judged and feared me.

Our love transcended boundaries of time and space, creating a bond so strong that even death could not tear us apart. When he was taken from me by forces beyond our control, my heart shattered into a million pieces. But even in death, Vision remained with me in ways no one else could understand.

Through him, I learned the true power of love - how it can conquer even the darkest of forces and bring hope to those who have lost everything. The memories we shared together continue to guide me on my path towards redemption and forgiveness.

As Scarlet witch, my powers may be vast and uncontrollable at times but it is love that gives them purpose and meaning. And for that reason alone, I will never stop fighting for what is right - for Vision's legacy lives on within every beat of my scarlet heart.

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