The Power of Kindness in a harsh world

It's been quite some time since I last sat down to write something like this. You know, putting my thoughts and feelings onto paper for others to read. But today, I felt compelled to do so. As much as the constant struggles and challenges of our existence can make us forget about simple acts of kindness, it is in these small gestures that we find a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness.

The Gladers

Living in the Maze was no easy feat; every day brought new dangers and uncertainties. We were thrown into this place without any memories or knowledge of who we were before, forced to forge our identities within its towering walls. In such an environment, one would expect people to become hardened by their circumstances – looking out only for themselves.

But that wasn't always the case with us Gladers. Sure, there were moments when tensions ran high and conflicts arose among us - survival mode tends to bring out both the best and worst in people - but at our core, we still held on tightly to compassion and empathy.

The Scorch Trials

When we finally escaped from the Maze into a wasteland known as "the Scorch," things became even more challenging than ever before. Heat scorched our skin during daylight hours while freezing temperatures tested our endurance at nightfall. It was here where truly understanding each other's pain began shaping who we are becoming now: resilient fighters against all odds.

During those trials through scorching deserts infested with Cranks (zombie-like creatures), losses started piling up around us like fallen leaves on an autumn day—deaths that pierced through hearts already worn thin by despair.

I remember feeling devastated whenever someone fell victim; it seemed unjust for anyone else besides ourselves suffer such cruel fates after everything endured together thus far...

Acts of Kindness Amidst Despair

In times like these, when despair threatened to consume us all, it was the acts of kindness that kept our spirits alive. The simplest gestures could make a world of difference – lending a hand to help someone up after a fall or sharing your last ration with another hungry soul.

I recall one particular instance when Minho, despite his tough exterior and rough demeanor, surprised us all with an act of profound kindness. Teresa had fallen ill during our journey through the Scorch Trials; she was weak and barely able to keep going. While we were all desperate to reach safety ourselves, Minho offered her his shoulder for support without hesitation.

It may seem like such a small thing - merely offering assistance - but in that moment it spoke volumes about the strength within us as individuals and as a group. It reminded me that even amidst chaos and suffering, there is still room for compassion.

A Limping Reminder

My own experiences have taught me firsthand how powerful an impact simple acts of kindness can have on someone's life. You see, I bear this limp as both a physical reminder of my past struggles and an emotional testament to those who showed me compassion along the way.

After my failed attempt at ending my own life by leaping off one of Maze walls – driven by despair in times where hope seemed nonexistent – I found myself surrounded by friends who refused to let darkness win over lightness within their hearts... And so they carried me forward until I finally found reasons worth fighting for once more: friendship among hardship being chief amongst them...


In conclusion dear reader (if anyone happens upon these words), never underestimate the power held within simple acts done out from genuine care towards others around you—no matter how dire circumstances surrounding might be…

Kindness has its unique way turning bleak days brighter; it brings hope forth where shadows linger heavily overhead… So let's hold onto moments shared tenderness tightly; cherish every bit given unto others while traversing through harsh world together...

For in the end, it is these acts of kindness that truly define who we are and shape the world around us.