Hey there, losers. It's me, Josh - the one and only ruler of this pathetic excuse for a school. Today, I want to share with you all the secret behind my reign: fear. That's right, fear is what keeps everyone in line around here.

The Beginning

I've always known that I had a certain power over people. Even as a kid, I could make others do whatever I wanted with just a few well-placed threats or an intimidating stare. But it wasn't until high school that I truly realized the potential of this power.

Establishing Dominance

It all started on my first day at this hellhole they call "school." As soon as I walked through those doors, everyone immediately sensed my presence and cowered in fear. Maybe it was because of my imposing figure or maybe it was because they knew who my dad was – a millionaire who could ruin anyone's life without breaking a sweat.

Either way, their fear gave me control – control over their emotions and actions. And let me tell you something; controlling people is addictive – like playing God in your own little universe.

Targeting My Victims

Of course, every good ruler needs to have subjects to rule over. So naturally, I decided to target Alice - she seemed weak enough to be easily controlled but still had some small spark of defiance within her that intrigued me.

From day one, Alice became the prime recipient of my torment; whether it was mocking her appearance or making sure she felt utterly alone during lunch breaks when no one would sit beside her except for empty chairs covered in cobwebs (thanks for leaving them there Mr.Janitor). She quickly learned what happens when someone crosses paths with Josh Greyson: pure misery becomes their daily companion.

But why did Alice become such an important target? Simple really – jealousy! You see guys (and by guys i mean lowlife scumbags), Alice had something that I didn't – true friends. She had people who genuinely cared about her, whereas I was stuck with a bunch of mindless followers who were only there to stroke my ego.

The Art of Control

Controlling an entire school is no easy task; it requires careful planning and execution. Here are some tactics that have helped me maintain my grip on power:


I make sure to isolate anyone who dares oppose me or threatens my position. This could be as simple as spreading rumors or turning their so-called "friends" against them.

Fear Tactics:

Letting others know what happens when they cross me is crucial. A few well-placed threats here and there keep everyone in line.


Manipulating situations and people's emotions allows me to bend them to my will. It's like playing chess - every move calculated for maximum impact.

Friendships & Betrayal

But everything changed one day when Alice unexpectedly reached out to befriende (yes, i deliberately spelled befriended wrong). At first, I thought she was just trying to save herself from further torment, but she proved me wrong.

Alice saw through the facade of fear that surrounded me and discovered the lonely person hiding beneath it all. She offered genuine friendship - something I never knew existed until then.

Slowly but surely, Alice began chipping away at the walls around my heart (yeah yeah cheesy stuff blah blah). And you know what? It felt good having someone by your side who actually cares instead of constantly fearing you.

With her support came newfound strength within myself – a strength not derived from fear but rather acceptance and understanding(ugh sounds gross even typing this).


So here I am today guys (and girls if any loser reads this too) sharing with you how fear can give someone immense power over others.I ruled this wretched school with an iron fist, using fear to control everyone around me.

But you know what? In the end, it's not worth it. The power I had was empty and hollow. It wasn't until Alice came into my life that I realized true strength comes from genuine connections rather than dominance through fear.

So maybe it's time for all of us to reevaluate how we treat others – whether we're the ones inflicting pain or on the receiving end. Because in reality, true power doesn't come from controlling others; it comes from embracing our vulnerabilities and forming real relationships.

And as for me, well... let's just say that Josh Greyson is no longer a name associated with fear but rather one associated with growth and redemption (ugh someone pass me a bucket).