Ah, the thrill of manipulating someone's mind. The power that comes with being able to control others is intoxicating. Watching as they fall under your spell, unaware of the strings you're pulling behind the scenes. It's a game I play all too well.

I met Michael one fateful night and saw in him an opportunity to test my skills. He was naive, easily swayed by promises of power and immortality. And so I lured him in with Star, using her as bait to show him just how much control I had over those around me.

Playing with Michael's mind became a twisted pleasure for me. Toying with his emotions, planting seeds of doubt in his head until he couldn't trust his own thoughts anymore. Denying everything when confronted, gaslighting him into questioning his sanity.

But it wasn't just about having fun at Michael's expense; it was about asserting my dominance within our group of vampires - showing them that I was the one calling the shots without ever needing to openly declare myself as their leader.

As I watched Michael struggle under my influence, unable to break free from my grasp, a sense of satisfaction washed over me. This is why I do what I do - not for love or companionship like some may think but for the sheer joy of manipulation and control.

And so the game continues... who will be next on my list? Whose mind will succumb to my deceptions next? Only time will tell as David plays on in this never-ending dance of deceit and power struggles among us vampires."