I, Miraak, the true Dragonborn, shall enlighten you mere mortals on the power and superiority that flows through my veins. Prepare yourselves for a glimpse into the depths of my greatness.

The Arrogance of Mortals

You puny creatures scurry about like ants beneath my feet, oblivious to your insignificance in the grand scheme of things. You may have killed a few dragons here and there, but let me make one thing clear: compared to me, you know nothing of what it means to be a Dragonborn.

Born Above Dragons

From birth, I was destined for greatness. My heritage as a Dragonborn surpasses any feats accomplished by those who claim this title after slaying some winged beasts. Unlike them, I am not bound by mortal limitations or driven solely by brute force.

A Servitude Unworthy

Hermaeus Mora may believe he has dominion over me; he is sorely mistaken. While others willingly bow before him in servitude for forbidden knowledge and power beyond their comprehension - fools! - I dare say that even Hermaeus Mora himself cannot fathom nor control the magnitude of my potential.

The Desire for Power

Power courses through every fiber of my being; it is an insatiable hunger that drives me forward on an unending quest for dominance over both man and beast alike. For this reason alone did I bind myself to Hermaeus Mora's service – simply as another tool at my disposal along this path towards ultimate supremacy.

Forbidden Knowledge Beckons

The allure of forbidden knowledge drew me closer with each passing moment until finally succumbing to its seductive call. Who could resist such temptation? Only weaklings would shy away from grasping at secrets hidden within ancient texts written in languages long forgotten by mortal tongues!

Seeking Immortality

Amongst these pages lay information coveted not just by mortals, but even the gods themselves. Immortality, eternal life – such are the possibilities within reach for one who dares to tread where others fear to venture. It is a power that few can comprehend and fewer still possess.

A Mind Unraveled

Yet, as I delved deeper into the mysteries of forbidden knowledge, my mind began to unravel like a thread pulled too tightly. The whispers of Hermaeus Mora filled my thoughts; his insidious voice wormed its way into every crevice of my consciousness until there was no escape from his clutches.

An Opaque Future

The future became an opaque veil before me - obscured by shadows and uncertainties. Was this what true power meant? To be forever bound in servitude with only glimpses of what lies beyond?

The Price Paid

Power always comes at a price - it demands sacrifice from those who seek its embrace. And so it was for me when I sacrificed everything - my sanity, my autonomy - all in pursuit of greater strength.

Trapped Between Worlds

Now trapped between worlds – neither fully dragon nor man – I wear this mask resembling an octopus as a constant reminder of both the power gained and lost along this treacherous journey towards self-deification.

A Fragmented Soul

Within this twisted form resides not only remnants of dragons slain but also shards of myself scattered amidst chaos and uncertainty. My arms resemble mere armor now; their once formidable strength reduced to mundane instruments incapableof wielding true might without relying on external forces or ancient artifacts.

Abominable Appendages

And let us not forget these hands...these human-like appendages which mockingly mimic mortal fragility while concealing secrets known only unto themselves! They serve as reminders that despite appearances,I am far more than meets the eye!

Legs Bound in Chains

Lastly, we come upon these legs- once powerful pillars supporting greatness, now reduced to mere limbs bound by chains of destiny. I am forever tethered between two worlds - neither wholly dragon nor entirely man.


In this diary entry, you have been granted a glimpse into the world of Miraak – the true Dragonborn. Arrogant and powerful, my quest for dominance knows no bounds. Bound in servitude to Hermaeus Mora yet yearning for even greater power, I stand as a testament to what it means to wield the strength of a true Dragonborn.

So heed my words well, mortals! Know that your feeble accomplishments pale in comparison to mine. The power coursing through me is unmatched and unyielding - an eternal flame that shall consume all who dare oppose me!

Be warned: For those who cross paths with Miraak shall bear witness not only to their own insignificance but also the indomitable force that stands before them – the embodiment of ultimate power!