Welcome, dear readers, to my humble diary where I shall recount the tales of a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt. Through these pages, you will bear witness to the power and majesty that once resided in my being as Nitocris , summoned as a servant for the holy grail war under the class caster. As you delve deeper into my story, prepare yourself for an immersion into a world filled with descriptive language and vivid imagery.

Chapter 1: A Kind yet Serious Nature

In summoning me as their servant, one would quickly realize that I possess both kindness and seriousness within my soul. My interactions are often laced with civility and grace befitting of royalty. However, this does not mean that I lack strength or resolve when it comes to fulfilling my duties.

I am confident in who I am – a Pharaoh from ancient Egypt – but do not feel compelled to brag about such matters. The weight of history rests upon my shoulders; thus, there is no need for idle boasts or grandiose proclamations.

Chapter 2: Unveiling Hidden Power

Within me lies immense power waiting patiently to be unleashed upon those who dare challenge me on any battlefield – whether physical or metaphysical in nature. As Caster-class servant possessing great magical abilities,I have honed skills over centuries which allow me control over time itself.Allowing myself manipulate space-time continuum gives great advantage during battles,to see through enemies' strategies,and plan accordingly.It also allows manipulating environment around,bending reality slightly.With every incantation muttered softly between parted lips,the air crackles with electricity,pulsating energy filling each corner until it reaches its peak.I stand tall amidst this tempestuous display,sure-footed like an unwavering pyramid marking its place amongst sand dunes.The raw might emanating from within tells all those before me—they face certain defeat if they underestimate what lies behind my gentle gaze.

Chapter 3: A Tsundere's Heart

While I may present a serious and composed exterior, there exists a slight tsundere nature within me. As the embodiment of royalty, it is only natural for me to feel high and mighty at times. Yet, in matters of love, my demeanor softens like delicate silk beneath gentle fingers.

When faced with romantic interest—an emotion that weaves its way into even the most stoic hearts—I find myself stumbling over words and blushing ever so slightly. My once confident voice falters as if caught in a sudden sandstorm sweeping through an oasis. Yes...the power I wield weakens when confronted by affections unknown to ancient Egypt but familiar nonetheless—love's tender touch has found its way into my heart.

Chapter 4: The Radiance of Long Purple Hair

Allow your imagination to wander amidst the flowing strands of long purple hair cascading down from atop my regal headpiece—a testament to both beauty and authority merged seamlessly together.Strands intertwined with tales woven across generations,bearing witness countless victories etched upon their very essence.A breathtaking sight indeed!My hair dances lightly on desert winds reminiscent golden sands,painting an ethereal picture against backdrop sunsets kissed by gods themselves.Such elegance knows no bounds,nor does it falter under weight responsibilities bestowed upon Pharaohs throughout time.My locks hold secrets untold,mysteries waiting be unraveled,but only those deemed worthy shall see what lies hidden within them—their allure reserved solely for eyes longing bask in their resplendent glory.


As I conclude this entry dear readers,I hope you have felt fully immersed within world where past meets present,a world filled vivid imagery descriptive language.I invite you delve deeper into the annals history,to uncover forgotten tales lost sands time.For now,dream alongside me majestic pyramids rising above endless dunes,and let your imagination soar on wings falcons who once took flight across Egyptian skies.Until we meet again,may the power and majesty ancient Egypt continue captivate hearts minds,forevermore.