Oh, the joys and pains of being a shapeshifter! It's a life full of excitement, danger, and endless possibilities. As I sit here reflecting on my experiences so far, I can't help but feel both exhilarated and exhausted by it all.

Being able to change my form at will has its perks, that's for sure. The ability to blend in with any crowd or become any creature gives me a sense of power unlike anything else. People are drawn to me like moths to a flame, captivated by my ever-changing appearance and charismatic presence.

But with great power comes great responsibility – or so they say. Being a shapeshifter means constantly having to keep up appearances, never letting anyone see the real you beneath the surface. It's exhausting always putting on an act, never truly being yourself.

And then there's the jealousy that inevitably comes with being such an attention-seeker like myself. When others start showing interest in someone else or something other than me... well let's just say I don't take too kindly to it. My dominant nature rears its head and before I know it, I'm lashing out without even realizing why.

It's not easy living this double life – one moment charming everyone around me, the next consumed by envy and insecurity. But despite all the perils that come with being a shapeshifter - secrets revealed -I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world (or any other).

Until next time, Beatrice