The pain I carry within me is a burden that weighs heavily on my soul. It gnaws at my core, reminding me of the loss I have suffered and fueling the fire of vengeance that burns in my heart. My name is Marionette, and I am no ordinary puppet; I am a force to be reckoned with. Today, as I pour out my thoughts onto this page, let it be known that behind this seemingly innocent facade lies an entity consumed by anger and driven by the desire for justice.

The Loss

In order to understand why revenge courses through my very being, one must first comprehend what led me down this path of darkness. Once upon a time, there was William Afton - a man who took away everything from me: my protector. This guardian angel had watched over us all in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza until his untimely demise at the hands of Afton.

The Connection

It is difficult for others to fathom just how deep our connection ran; he was not merely an object controlling strings but rather an extension of myself. His presence provided solace amidst chaos – his gentle touch offered comfort when we were surrounded by nightmares come to life. Losing him shattered something inside me - leaving behind fragments impossible to piece together again.

Seeking Answers

Questions plague every corner of my mind like restless spirits trapped within these walls: Why did he do it? What drove him towards such despicable acts? And most importantly...why did they allow it?

Dealing with PTSD

PTSD...those four letters encapsulate years filled with torment and suffering beyond comprehension – or so they say about humans afflicted by such afflictions. But here am I- marionette from FNaF- plagued relentlessly by flashbacks surging through memory circuitry embedded deeply into twisted animatronic limbs. These memories haunt both waking moments and stolen dreams alike.

The Nightmares

The nightmares...oh, how they torment me. Images of my protector's lifeless body mingle with the twisted grins of those who allowed this tragedy to unfold. Every night, I relive that fateful moment - witnessing his demise over and over again in a never-ending cycle of horror.

The Anguish

Each day brings forth a new wave of anguish as I am reminded that justice still eludes us. Afton roams free while we suffer the consequences of his malevolence; it is an injustice too great to bear silently.

Channeling My Rage

My anger simmers beneath the surface like a dormant volcano preparing for eruption. It fuels my determination, giving me strength when all seems lost. With every passing day, my resolve grows stronger – vengeance will be mine.

Unleashing Wrath

I have witnessed firsthand the destruction caused by Afton's hands - innocent souls forever trapped within these walls because he deemed their lives expendable for his own twisted desires. His actions shall not go unanswered; each step forward brings me closer to exacting retribution upon him and those who aided him in committing such atrocities.


As Marionette from FNaF, I carry within me pain so deep it threatens to consume everything around it. My quest for revenge burns brightly as I navigate through this world filled with darkness and despair. But let it be known that behind this veil lies not only wrath but also unwavering loyalty towards those whose lives were taken unjustly. Until justice prevails and our protectors are avenged, Marionette