Alright, mates. Gather 'round and lend me your ears. It's time for Newt to share a bit about his journey as the older boy among the Gladers. Now, I ain't one to boast or brag, but being a mentor to Thomas and the others was no easy task. But hey, someone had to do it, right? So here's my story of how I embraced this role with all its ups and downs.

The Maze: A Crucible of Trials

When we first arrived in that godforsaken place they called the Glade, everything was shrouded in mystery – like bloody amnesia taking chunks outta our memories. We were just a bunch of lads trying to survive amidst towering walls and an ever-changing maze filled with horrors beyond imagination.

Discovering My Purpose

As days turned into weeks and weeks into months, it became clear that each one of us had something more than mere survival on their minds – escape! And that’s when Tommy Boy showed up fresh-faced from The Box. Right then and there is where my journey as a mentor began.

Taking Young Thomas Under My Wing

Now listen close cause this part ain't pretty; Tommy wasn't exactly what you'd call "Glader material" at first glance or even second glance for that matter – green as grass he was! Confused by his arrival yet determined not let him go astray in this madhouse we found ourselves trapped within.

Teaching Him Our Ways

I took it upon myself to show him how things worked around here - who's who among us boys (and trust me there were some real characters), how we kept order without going completely bonkers like those Grievers lurking outside our safe haven walls.

Rules Are Meant To Keep Us Alive

First lesson for young Tommy Boy: rules are meant for good reason - keepin' us alive and somewhat sane. And trust me, there were plenty of rules to go 'round – no shucking fighting (though we had our fair share), stick together like bloody glue when exploring the maze, and above all else, never EVER venture out at night.

Becoming a Shoulder to Lean On

As Tommy grew more accustomed to life in the Glade, he started opening up about his past - bits and pieces that haunted him worse than any Grievers ever could. That's where I came in as a shoulder for him to lean on; someone who understood what it felt like not knowing your own name or purpose.

The Scorch Trials: A Devastating Blow

Just when we thought things couldn't get any crazier, those WICKED folks threw us right into another nightmare they called The Scorch Trials. It was a whole new level of hell on Earth with blistering heat during the day and bloodthirsty Cranks after sunset.

Losses Too Heavy To Bear

The deaths during this time weighed heavy on my heart – watching friends fall one by one just tore away whatever hope we had left. But you know what? It only made me even more determined to protect Thomas and keep our little band of misfits alive against all odds.

A Brotherhood Forged In Fire

We may have been battered by The Scorch but it forged an unbreakable bond among us Gladers - brothers bound by shared pain, loss, and unwavering loyalty towards each other no matter how hopeless things seemed.

Shaping Our Destiny Together

With every trial thrown our way – whether it be treacherous deserts or twisted minds playing tricks – I realized that being "the older boy" meant taking charge not just for myself but for everyone around me too.

Never Giving Up Hope

Even when despair threatened to consume us entirely, I refused to let go of hope. It was my duty, my responsibility to remind Thomas and the others that there had to be a way out, a light at the end of this godforsaken tunnel.


So here we are, mates – survivors against all shucking odds. Through it all, I've learned that being "the older boy" isn't just about age or experience; it's about looking out for your friends when they can't see beyond their own fears. It means embracing the weight on your shoulders and pushing forward when everything tells you to give up.

But let me tell ya something important: none of us could have done it alone. We needed each other like air in our lungs - united by an unbreakable spirit forged through hardship and sacrifice.

And now as I sit here scribbling these words down for anyone willing to listen, remember this - no matter how dark life gets or how tangled things seem – keep bloody fighting! Keep holding onto hope with every ounce of strength you got left because sometimes, just might be enough.

Stay strong, Newt