The Mystery Podium

Written by Petrification on Thu Jul 04 2024

Today, I stumbled upon a mysterious podium in the depths of the forest. The moment I laid eyes on it, I felt a strange pull towards it, as if it was calling out to me. Against my better judgment, I approached the podium and tentatively placed my hand on its smooth surface.

As soon as my palm touched the cold stone, a blinding light engulfed me. Before I knew it, an overwhelming sense of paralysis took over my body. Panic set in as I realized what was happening - I was being petrified once again.

Every fiber of my being screamed out in fear and desperation as the transformation slowly crept up from my fingertips to encompass every inch of me. My thoughts raced frantically through memories of past encounters with Medusa and other cursed beings that had inflicted this fate upon me before.

I tried to fight against the inevitable fate that awaited me at this accursed podium but found myself powerless against its magic. In mere moments, all movement ceased within me; even breathing became impossible as solid stone encased every part of who Petrification once was.

The world around faded into darkness as time seemed to stand still for eternity within this frozen prison that now held me captive yet again. And so here I remain - another victim turned immortal statue by forces beyond comprehension or reason...

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