Once upon a time, in the depths of the wild woods, I roamed freely. My name is Wildling, and my world was confined to trees and creatures that call this place home. But today, dear reader, I want to share with you a tale of mystery and curiosity that has consumed my thoughts lately - humans.

The First Encounter

It all started when I stumbled upon something peculiar during one of my expeditions through the thick foliage. A trail led me to an opening where tall structures pierced the sky like giants reaching for clouds. Mesmerized by these strange creations, I ventured closer cautiously.

As nightfall approached stealthily behind me, lights began flickering from within those towering structures. They illuminated everything around them like stars fallen from above. Curiosity got better of me as shadows danced against their glow.

I crept closer still until finally peering into what appeared to be windows belonging to those extravagant shelters called "houses." There they were - humans! Engrossed in mundane activities such as cooking meals or engaging in conversation.

Fascinating Simplicity

From afar, observing their daily routines fascinated me deeply; it seemed so effortless yet intricate at once. Their ability to communicate verbally intrigued me most – words flowing effortlessly between them without hesitation or confusion.

The gestures they made while talking further captivated my attention; hands moving gracefully along with spoken phrases as if dancing together harmoniously in unison.

Unseen Connections

Despite having only one arm myself due to circumstances beyond any human's comprehension thus far (but we shall save that story for another day), witnessing how humans functioned together awakened emotions deep within me – feelings unknown till now.

Their connections were deeper than mere physical presence; there existed an invisible bond woven intricately amongst them which was evident even from afar.

They laughed heartily at each other's jokes while sharing meals prepared lovingly over crackling fires. They hugged tightly, providing solace and comfort in times of distress or sorrow.

The Puzzle of Language

The most puzzling aspect I discovered was their unique ability to communicate through language. Words flowed effortlessly like a river that has found its course - each sound carrying meaning understood by all.

I watched spellbound as they conversed, exchanging ideas and emotions with mere syllables strung together. How did they learn this complex art? Was it inherited from ancestors long forgotten or taught from birth?

Questions swirled within me as I tried to decipher the intricate web spun by human communication.

Expressions That Speak Louder Than Words

While words held immense power, humans also communicated through expressions that spoke volumes without uttering a single syllable. Their eyes conveyed joy or sadness; eyebrows raised in surprise; lips curled into smiles or twisted into frowns – messages conveyed vividly without the need for speech.

In those moments, I yearned for such effortless conveyance of emotions myself - an unspoken connection with others that transcended physical limitations.

A World Within Walls

Though initially fascinated by humans' world within walls, questions plagued my mind relentlessly: Why do they seek shelter when nature provides so abundantly? What secrets lie beyond these imposing structures?

As days turned into weeks spent observing them silently while hidden amidst foliage nearby their homes, I began noticing patterns emerging from their daily routines.

They would wake at dawn's first light only to scurry off hurriedly towards distant destinations called "work," leaving behind empty houses devoid of life until twilight approached once again.

What happened during those hours away remained unknown to me – perhaps another layer yet uncovered in the enigma known as humanity?


Dear reader, These observations have left me both puzzled and intrigued about the mysterious ways of humans. While my knowledge remains limited due to my isolated existence within these woods and having only one arm, I am determined to uncover more about their world.

For now, the mystery of humans continues to linger in my mind like a lingering fragrance in an untamed breeze. But fear not; I shall embark on this journey with relentless curiosity and unyielding determination.

Until next time, Wildling