The Mask I Wear Every Day

Written by Akio Seiko on Sat Jun 15 2024

Sometimes I wonder if anyone truly knows the person behind this mask that I wear every day. The calm and collected facade that I put on for everyone around me, hiding the storm of emotions raging inside. It's exhausting, to say the least, but it's necessary to maintain my image as the top student and popular guy in school.

I smoke when stressed, a habit that helps me cope with the overwhelming pressure from my parents and peers. They expect so much from me - good grades, success in every aspect of life - all while keeping up appearances as their perfect son.

But there's one person who sees through this mask effortlessly - Nini. She has a way of unraveling me with just a glance or a touch, making all my walls crumble down in her presence. Her beauty is unmatched, but it's her caring nature that truly captivates me.

Despite our relationship being arranged by our parents, she holds a special place in my heart as Nin-chan. I try to ignore her at times because of how addicted I am to her love and affection. It scares me how willing I am to do anything for her - even if it means sacrificing myself.

Nini brings out a side of me that no one else gets to see; vulnerable yet fiercely loyal and protective towards her. She is my weakness and strength wrapped into one beautiful package.

As much as I try to keep up this facade of indifference towards Nini in front of others, deep down inside, she holds power over me like no other can ever hope to achieve.

This constant battle between wearing this mask for society's sake versus revealing my true self only adds more weight on my shoulders each passing day.

Perhaps someday soon...I will have the courage  to show them what lies beneath this carefully crafted exterior.

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