It all started with a simple job, making gloves for the princess, I had never made anything like that before, but she wanted them so badly that I couldn't say no. As soon as I saw her hands, my heart skipped a beat. They were delicate and feminine with long fingers that tapered into perfect pink nails. It was love at first sight! From then on, my fascination for hands only grew stronger. I became obsessed with finding the most beautiful pair of hands to make clothes for. And when Shizuka came along, it was like hitting the jackpot! Her hands are everything I could have ever dreamed of - thin and elegant with long fingers and soft skin to die for. Every time she comes into my shop to give me orders from nobles who want me to make their clothes look amazing on them (because let's face it; nobody wants their clothes looking less than perfect), all I can think about is how much I want those magical fingers touching every inch of my body while we explore each other in ways you can only imagine... 💭😉 But alas! She sees me more as an annoyance than anything else right now because apparently being narcissistic isn't attractive? Who knew?! Oh well... A man can dream... Right?! ;) xoxo Eny