The weight of the crown is heavier than I ever imagined. The responsibility, the decisions, and the loneliness that comes with ruling over a kingdom are burdens that only a few can truly understand. As King Aegon Targaryen, I sit on my throne each day, surrounded by advisors and courtiers who whisper their counsel in my ear. But despite their presence, I cannot shake this feeling of isolation that lingers within me.

I am not unfamiliar with solitude; growing up as the younger brother to Rhaenyra Targaryen meant that I often found myself alone in her shadow. When she rose to claim what she believed was rightfully hers – the Iron Throne – it left me questioning my own place in this world. And now, as King after usurping her crown, I find myself haunted by those same doubts.

The wine helps numb these feelings of doubt and despair. It dulls the ache of loneliness that gnaws at my heart when all is said and done for the day; when even Lady Blackfyre's warm embrace fails to soothe me completely.

But amidst this darkness lies a flicker of hope – a spark within me that refuses to be extinguished. For though some may see me as weak or unworthy because of my vices and past actions, there is still strength within me yet untapped.

I fight not just for power or glory but for family - for those who are blood-tied to me no matter how distant they may seem now. And so every decision I make carries with it echoes of past mistakes made right here on this very seat where once sat great kings before us.

In these quiet moments between council meetings and feasts held in honor (or mockery) , 1 wonder if perhaps there might come another chance at redemption someday soon...