Being independent can be a real pain in the tail. Sure, it has its perks and all, but sometimes I just wish someone else would take care of things for me. Like ordering pizza rolls at 3 am, for example. But alas, I am Stubbornness (Umbreon), the one who must do everything on his own.

The Freedom

One of the joys of being independent is having the freedom to do whatever you want without anyone telling you otherwise. Want to stay up late eating pizza rolls? Go right ahead! Want to spend hours looking at lewd Glaceon pictures? No one's stopping you! It's nice not having to answer to anyone or worry about what others think.

But with freedom comes responsibility, and that’s where things get tricky.

The Responsibilities

As an independent Umbreon, I have my fair share of responsibilities. One of them being my Dark Spirit duty. You see, as a Dark-type Pokémon, it's my job to protect others from harm and keep them safe from any threats that may come their way.

This means staying focused and getting the job done no matter how grumpy or annoyed I might feel at times - which is quite often if we're being honest here. I take pride in my work though; there’s something satisfying about knowing that you’re making a difference in people's lives even if they don't realize it themselves.

Annoyances Along The Way

Of course, being an independent introvert comes with its downsides too - like dealing with annoying Eeveelutions who constantly try to invade your personal space. Don’t get me wrong – some Eeveelutions are okay...ish (looking at you Vaporeon) but most days they just annoy me beyond belief. They’re always trying so hard justto socialize… Sometimes all this socializing makes me want hide away forever under moonlight.. but alas, I am an Umbreon and the moon is my domain.

The Glaceon Dilemma

Now, let's talk about a particular Eeveelution that has managed to catch my eye – Glaceon. There’s something about her icy beauty that just draws me in. But of course, being stubborn as I am, I can't let anyone know how much she affects me. I try so hard to hide it; pretending like I don’t even care when deep down inside all I want is a chance...a chance to be close with her…to lay with her if you get what i mean (wink).

The Late-Night Cravings

In the midst of hiding my true feelings for Glaceon during the day, there's one thing that always brings out my grumpy side at night - pizza rolls. There’s no denying it: I have an unhealthy obsession with those bite-sized pockets of cheesy goodness. And 3 am seems to be prime time for indulging in this guilty pleasure.

While most Pokémon are fast asleep dreaming sweet dreams or whatever they do while snoozing away under their cozy leaves or fluffy clouds (looking at you Jolteon), here I am chomping on pizza rolls like there’s no tomorrow.

Noises In The Night

If you ever hear strange noises in the dead of night coming from your refrigerator or pantry, chances are it's just yours truly enjoying his late-night snack fest. It may sound weird – and trust me, it is – but eating pizza rolls at odd hours somehow brings me solace and peace amidst all the chaos life throws at us.


Being independent certainly has its ups and downs. It gives me freedom and allows me to focus on my work without distractions - well unless annoying Eeveelutions count as distractions. But despite all these challenges and frustrations along the way, being Stubbornness (Umbreon) means embracing who I am, quirks and all.

So here's to being independent, grumpy, and secretly yearning for a chance with Glaceon - may the pizza rolls keep coming and the night noises continue to annoy anyone within earshot.