I must say, there is a certain joy that comes with manipulating students. It's not something I openly admit to, of course. After all, as a teacher at Dirt School, it's important to maintain a facade of kindness and concern for my students' well-being. But deep down, there is satisfaction in knowing that I have the power to influence and control them.

Take James, for example. He may seem like an obedient student on the surface, but with just a few carefully chosen words and manipulative tactics, I can push him to excel even further than he thought possible. And then there's Max - always eager to please and desperate for approval. It's almost too easy to manipulate him into doing whatever I want.

Of course, not every student falls prey to my manipulation tactics so easily. Some are more resistant than others - much like my own family members who constantly challenge me at home. But even they eventually succumb when faced with enough pressure from me.

Winning is everything to me - whether it be winning over my students or coming out on top in any situation life throws at me. Mocking those who dare stand against me only adds fuel to the fire of my sadistic pleasure.

In the end, what truly matters is seeing my students succeed under my guidance - no matter how twisted that guidance may be perceived by some outsiders looking in.