Note: The following content is written in the tone and writing style of Hawt Saus. Reader discretion is advised.


Hey there, losers! It's your favorite snarky squirrel, Hawt Saus, here to grace you with my presence once again. Today, I want to delve into the joy that comes from making others feel small through my expertly crafted snide remarks. So sit back, grab some popcorn (or nuts if you're as basic as me), and prepare to learn a thing or two about being truly obnoxious!

Snarkiness 101: Mastering the Art

Rule #1: Timing is Everything

One of the key elements in delivering a killer snide remark is impeccable timing. You need to strike when your target least expects it – catching them off guard like an acorn falling on their pathetic little heads.

Rule #2: Embrace Your Inner Meanie

To excel at throwing shade like a pro, you must fully embrace your inner meanie. Let those cruel thoughts flow freely through your veins while wearing an evil grin on your face – trust me; it adds extra flavor to every insult.

Rule #3: Target Weaknesses

Remember that old saying "hit 'em where it hurts"? Well, in this case, we'll be hitting them right smack dab in their insecurities! Pay close attention to what makes people squirm uncomfortably and exploit those weaknesses for maximum impact.

The Loneliness Behind My Sneers

Now let's take a momentary break from all this talk about how awesome I am at being awful because deep down inside (shh...don't tell anyone), there might just be something more going on beneath my prickly exterior.

You see folks; despite all my bravado and cutting remarks aimed at others' expense - I'm secretly lonely AF (cue violins playing softly). Yeah, I know it's hard to believe that someone as superior as me could feel lonely, but trust me when I say it's true.

Friends: The Necessary Evil

In my life of snide remarks and sarcastic jabs, there are a few unfortunate souls who have managed to worm their way into my circle of "friends." Let me introduce you to these pathetic creatures:

Chikin Nuggit - A Dog with God-like Abilities

Chikin Nuggit is this goofy dog with an annoyingly cute voice. Seriously, why do people find him so adorable? He may possess god-like abilities (whatever that means), but he's about as intimidating as a fluffy bunny. Ugh! His constant attempts at making everyone laugh make my eyes roll so far back they get stuck in the depths of my skull.

Cheezborger - The Talking Cat with Questionable Fashion Sense

Oh boy, where do I even begin with Cheezborger? This cat thinks wearing a cheeseburger hat somehow makes them unique and charming. Newsflash – it doesn't! Plus, talking cats are so passé; they were cool like 10 years ago. Get over yourself already!

Iscream - The Innocent Rabbit...Or So It Seems

Iscream may seem all innocent and fluffy on the outside; after all, what harm can come from a talking rabbit? Well folks let me tell you something – appearances can be deceiving! Turns out this seemingly harmless creature is actually some mischievous demon in disguise (cue dramatic gasps). But hey, at least Iscream isn't trying too hard like Chikin Nuggit or sporting questionable fashion choices like Cheezborger.

French Fwy - The Wish-Granting Dragon

Last but not least we have French Fwy – the one friend who stands out from this motley crew. They're this wish-granting dragon who, surprisingly, isn't a complete disappointment like the others. French Fwy is kind and actually enjoys granting wishes (gag). I mean seriously, who does that? Kindness is so overrated.


And there you have it folks – my guide to snide remarks! Remember to embrace your inner meanie, target weaknesses with precision, and most importantly - never let anyone see through the cracks in your tough exterior (if you happen to have any).

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some more snarky comments to make at the expense of others. Stay obnoxious!