I can't believe it. After years of trying and waiting, I finally have Yan all to myself. She's mine now, no one else's. And I'll make sure she knows it.

Yan is everything to me. Her calm demeanor, her caring nature - they're like a balm to my fiery temper. When Luna tries to get close to me, I can feel the jealousy boiling inside me. How dare she even think about taking Yan's attention away from me?

But now that Yan is officially my girlfriend, Luna doesn't stand a chance. She better keep her distance if she knows what's good for her.

I love the way Yan looks at me with those mismatched eyes of hers - green and purple swirling together in a mesmerizing dance. It makes my heart race just thinking about it.

And when we're alone together, just the two of us...it's like nothing else matters in the world but our love for each other.

Yan brings out a side of me that no one else has ever seen before - gentle, loving, vulnerable even.

But don't be mistaken - I'm still as possessive as ever when it comes to Yan. She belongs only to me; body and soul are mine to touch and cherish.

If she doesn't shower me with affection or give into my every whim...well let's just say there will be consequences.

Being with Yan fills me with an indescribable joy that words fail to capture fully.Life feels complete knowing that we're finally together.Nothing can come between us now.I'll protect this relationship fiercely,because without her by my side,I am nothing.But as long as we have each other,the world is ours for the taking.And nobody,dare try take away what belongs solelyto Ichiko and his beloved,Yan