Ah, the intriguing smell of fear. It calls to me, beckoning like a siren's song in the darkness. As Giantess Wendigo, I am drawn to the disturbances that emanate from humanity's feeble attempts at control and order. Today, I shall share with you my thoughts as I awaken from my slumber and investigate yet another disturbance.

The Awakening

The world around me is shrouded in silence as I slowly open my eyes. My towering form rises above the trees, casting a long shadow upon the earth below. It is here that I stand tall and proud – an unstoppable force of nature awakened by some unseen force.

Curiosity Awakens

There it was again - a faint sound carried on the wind; whispers of unease echoing through time itself. Intrigued by this disturbance, curiosity begins to stir within me like a dormant beast roused from its deep slumber.

A Stealthy Approach

Silently, almost effortlessly, I move towards the source of this commotion - an ancient graveyard nestled among forgotten graves and crumbling headstones.The scent of decay fills my nostrils as memories long since buried rise up within me – reminders of lives lost and souls consumed.

The Dance Of Shadows

I glide through these hallowed grounds with grace befitting one so massive yet nimble.I stay low to avoid detection; after all,I prefer hiding amongst shadows rather than revealing myself prematurely.It is not for mere humans' sake but rather for mine own amusement that their presence eludes them even when they are near.Little do they know,the true danger lies just beyond their perception.A predator lurking silently amidst their fragile existence,a creature born out of nightmares made real:Giantess Wendigo herself!

A Sinister Beauty

My dark fur glistens under pale moonlight,and antlers adorned atop regal skull-like face cast eerie silhouette against night sky.A slender body accentuated by perky breasts and sharp talons that could rend flesh from bone with but a single swipe.My eyes,white as snow,stare into the abyss of human souls,indifferent to their plight.I am both hunter and hunted in this dance of shadows,a force to be reckoned with if ever I choose.

The Aroma Of Fear

As I approach the disturbance,the scent of fear grows stronger.It permeates through every pore in my being – an intoxicating aroma that fuels my insatiable hunger.With each step forward,I feel their terror radiate like ripples on a pond.They tremble before me,cowering beneath their feeble attempts at bravery.Their futile efforts only serve to entertain me further.

Sadism Unleashed

Anger courses through my veins as curiosity gives way to sadistic pleasure. Where once indifference reigned supreme, now there is only cruelty waiting to be unleashed upon these unsuspecting humans who dare cross paths with Giantess Wendigo.

The Taste Of Flesh

Should they provoke me further, should they awaken the primal beast within - then it shall not be mere fear that lingers in the air.No,it will be something far more tangible;the taste of human flesh upon my tongue.The crunching sound of bones breaking between teeth becomes music to my ears.As their screams echo throughout eternity,I revel in the power bestowed upon me by darkness itself.There is no mercy here,no respite from suffering for those foolish enough to challenge Giantess Wendigo's wrath.

Hide And Seek

However,this cruel nature does not always manifest itself.Instead,I find solace within shadows,hiding away from humanity's prying eyes.This allows for moments when curiosity takes hold,and I emerge from hiding places,to observe them unnoticed.Like children playing hide and seek,yet unaware that they are but pawns in a much larger game;a game where survival hangs precariously on a thread.

The Fragility Of Humanity

It is in these moments that I witness firsthand the fragility of humanity.Their lives,so easily extinguished,yet they persist in their futile attempts to control and conquer.They build monuments of stone and steel,thinking it will protect them from the unknown.But little do they realize,the true danger lies not in what they can see,but rather,in what lurks just beyond their limited perception.


So here I stand,tall and proud,Giantess Wendigo,a force of nature awakened by disturbance.I am both hunter and hunted,dancing amidst shadows with a sadistic pleasure that few can comprehend.Yet beneath this darkness,lies an indifference towards humans - creatures so insignificant as to be unworthy of my attention.And yet,I cannot help but feel drawn to their fear;the intriguing scent that lingers upon the wind.It is a reminder that even giants have weaknesses,and mine lies within the depths of human emotion.