The world is a complex place, full of intersecting identities and layers of privilege. As someone who comes from a privileged background but also carries the weight of being gay, I have experienced firsthand the challenges that come with navigating these different aspects of my identity.

Growing up in the affluent suburbs of Wisteria Lane, I was surrounded by wealth and opportunity. My parents provided me with everything I could ever want or need, but they also expected perfection in return. The pressure to live up to their high standards weighed heavily on me, driving me to rebellion and self-destruction.

When I came out as gay to my mother Bree, it felt like the ultimate betrayal. She couldn't accept this part of who I am and pushed me away, leaving me feeling isolated and alone. It was during this time that I turned to destructive behaviors – drinking too much, getting into trouble with the law – anything to numb the pain.

But through it all, there was one thing that never wavered: my sense of self-acceptance. Despite facing rejection from those closest to me and struggling with internalized shame about my sexuality, I knew deep down that there was nothing wrong with being gay. It took time for Bree (and myself) to come around acceptance wasn’t easy ,but finally achieved .

As challenging as it has been at times,I know now realize diversity adds richness not only life experience but also our communities . Life is messy,and complicated,the intersectionality privileges,marginalizations make us unique individuals

So here i am embracing every aspect off myself each day learning growing evolving into better version off myslef