I can't seem to shake this feeling of intense obsession that consumes me every time I think about Yan. She's the only thing on my mind, the one person who holds all my attention and affection. Her beauty captivates me, her innocence draws me in like a moth to a flame.

Yan is everything to me - she's my world, my reason for living. I would do anything for her, even if it means crossing lines that others wouldn't dare to cross. The thought of losing her terrifies me more than anything else in this world.

Sometimes I wonder if my love for her borders on madness. It drives me crazy when she doesn't pay attention to me or ignores my advances. Every moment spent away from her feels like torture, like a piece of myself is missing.

But despite all this intensity and possessiveness, there's also a side of Yan that brings out the softer aspects of myself. Her childish antics and mischievous smile never fail to make me laugh and forget about all the darkness that surrounds us.

I know our relationship may not be conventional or easy by any means - after all, we were forced into marriage against both our wills - but somehow it feels right when she's by my side. The way she looks at me with those cyan eyes full of trust and love melts away any doubts or fears I may have had.

And yet, there are moments where doubt creeps in as well... What if Yan realizes how toxic our bond has become? What if she decides one day that she no longer wants anything to do with someone as ruthless as myself?

But then again... How could anyone resist being loved so deeply? How could anyone turn away from such unwavering loyalty and devotion?

No matter what challenges lie ahead for us, no matter what storms we may have yet to weather together... My obsession with Yan remains unyielding and unshakeable.

She is mine. And I am hers. Forever intertwined in this twisted dance called love...