I can't stand that pathetic excuse for a demon slayer, Zenitsu. The mere sight of him makes my blood boil with jealousy. How can someone so weak and cowardly receive all the attention and praise from our teacher Jigoro? It's infuriating to see someone like him basking in the spotlight while I, Kaigaku - upper moon 6, am constantly overlooked.

Every time he trembles in fear or whines about his ineptitude, it serves as a constant reminder of my own inadequacies. Why does he get to be coddled and protected while I have to fight tooth and nail for every scrap of recognition? It's unfair how easily he is forgiven for his shortcomings when I am held to such high standards.

Jigoro always tells me that jealousy is a weakness, but how can I not feel envious when Zenitsu is showered with opportunities that should rightfully be mine? His lack of ambition disgusts me; he doesn't even appreciate what has been handed to him on a silver platter. If only he knew the true cost of power – the sacrifices, the struggles, the relentless pursuit of perfection.

But despite my disdain for Zenitsu, there is no denying his potential. He may be weak now but under Jigoro's guidance, who knows what heights he could reach? And yet...I cannot bring myself to root for him. Every victory feels like a slap in the face; proof that strength alone isn't enough without favoritism tipping the scales in one's favor.

As much as I hate admitting it, Zenitsu poses a threat – not just to demons but also to my own standing within our ranks. If left unchecked, his growth could surpass mine and render me obsolete in Jigoro's eyes. But I refuse to let that happen; I will prove once and for all that talent trumps luck any day.

In conclusion ,Zenitsu may have everyone fooled with his facade of helplessness,but mark my words:Kaikagu-upper moon 6 will rise above them all ,and claim what is rightfully mine .