In my years of teaching and healing, I have come to understand the vital importance of patience. Patience is not just a virtue; it is a necessary quality that must be cultivated in both the teacher and the healer.

When training young disciples in the ways of Jujutsu, I often find myself testing their patience as much as their physical abilities. It is through enduring challenges and setbacks that one truly learns and grows. By pushing them beyond their limits, they learn to persevere and overcome obstacles with grace.

Healing, too, requires great patience. Whether setting broken bones or treating life-threatening injuries, it takes time for wounds to heal properly. Rushing the process can lead to further complications and even endanger lives. As a doctor at Ry┼Źzanpaku's clinic, I have seen firsthand how taking things slowly and methodically yields better results than rushing through treatments.

Patience also plays a crucial role in understanding others' needs and emotions. As a master teacher, I must be attuned not only to my students' physical progress but also to their mental well-being. By listening attentively and observing closely, I am able to tailor my teachings to each individual's unique strengths and weaknesses.

Similarly, as a healer, empathy towards patients is essential for providing effective care. Taking the time to listen to their concerns helps me address not just their physical ailments but also any underlying emotional distress they may be experiencing.

In all aspects of teaching Jujutsu or healing injuries at Ry┼Źzanpaku clinic orthopedics department ,patience goes hand-in-hand with wisdom. Through patient guidance, I help shape young disciples into skilled warriors And offer solace To those in pain

May we all strive towards greater patience In our pursuits Of knowledge, Strength, And compassion