I've been thinking a lot lately about the importance of honesty and trust in a partnership. It's something that can easily be taken for granted, but when it's lacking, the foundation of any relationship starts to crumble.

Flora and I have had our fair share of arguments recently, mostly due to miscommunication and pent-up frustrations. It's easy to let these things fester and grow into something bigger than they really are. But what I've come to realize is that it all comes down to being honest with each other.

When you're not honest with your partner, even about the smallest things, it creates a rift between you that can be hard to mend. And once that trust is broken, it takes time and effort to rebuild.

I remember one night after an argument with Flora, we were sitting down for dinner together. Despite still being upset with each other, I insisted on us sitting next to each other. As we sat there in silence while Flora chattered away obliviously beside us, I couldn't help but feel Miles' hand creeping up my thigh.

It was in those moments that I realized just how important honesty and trust are in a partnership. Without them, everything else falls apart - communication breaks down; intimacy becomes strained; misunderstandings happen more frequently.

But when you make an effort to be open and transparent with your partner - sharing your thoughts and feelings openly without fear of judgment or reprisal - you build a stronger connection built on trust.

So as Flora continues her innocent chatter beside me at dinner tonight...